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Breach in Parliament’s security: Smoke canes could have put MPs’ lives in danger – Sources

Image Source : FILE
breach in parliament security

New Delhi: The use of smoke canes by the accused inside the Parliament House could have posed a threat to the lives of the MPs. According to Delhi Police sources, there is a clear warning written on the smoke canes that they should never be used inside the house or in a closed place. Wear glasses and gloves while driving.

Use of Chinese made smoke canes

According to the FIR lodged by Delhi Police, the smoke cans used inside the Parliament House were made in China. There were warnings written on them. Made in China, it was written on the cane that it was for use only in supervised areas and the instructions on how to operate it were also mentioned. Delhi Police has given smoke cane number 1-5 in the FIR. There are warnings written on everything.

Special shoes to hide smoke canes

The accused had purchased these smoke canes from Mumbai. The method of using them was also written on the smoke can. Instructions were written to first remove the protective cap and then turn it away after running it. Accused Sagar Sharma had got two special shoes prepared from Lucknow. Shoes that have cavities inside. Now Delhi Police will go to Lucknow with Sagar. It will be found out from whom Sagar had got such shoes made.

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