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Breaking in the Grand Alliance! Otherwise the merger of RJD and JDU? The story of political ‘Vikalp Charcha’ continues in Bihar

Patna After the formation of the Grand Alliance government in Bihar, the political developments changed rapidly. Then, everything suddenly came to a halt. Discussion of two seats Gopalganj and Mokama started in Bihar Legislative Assembly. Then what was the statement of ‘Hum’ leader Jitan Ram Manjhi floating in the air. He heated up the political mercury by giving the statement of Nitish Kumar changing his side again. In the political circles, there was a discussion of different types of options. Apart from the merger of RJD and JDU, this discussion was also about the break in the Grand Alliance.

JDU and RJD merged!
Discuss the ongoing tussle between the Grand Alliance and the merger of RJD-JDU. Before that one reads a social media post of JDU National President Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh. Lalan Singh has written on his Facebook, ‘On the auspicious occasion of the 19th Foundation Day of Janata Dal (United), heartfelt congratulations, gratitude and endless best wishes to the activist colleagues and respected leader Nitish Kumar from Bihar and across the country. Together we will make Bihar a developed state in the speedy pace of ‘development with social justice’. Take a look at this post and emphasize the line ‘Development with Social Justice’. You will immediately remember, this slogan is not of JDU but of Rashtriya Janata Dal.

The ‘political cold war’ continues within the Grand Alliance in Bihar on the surface, know the full story inside
JDU adopted the slogan of RJD
Lalan Singh linked the slogan of RJD to JDU. This is enough to form an opinion in politics. Those who keep a close watch on the politics of Bihar Senior Journalist Dhirendra it is said. Before any big announcement, it is necessary that an atmosphere should be created in the light of that announcement and decision. During the preparation of this atmosphere, the party/leader serves their alleged decision to their supporters. This exercise is an attempt to predict the outcome of the decision or announcement to be taken by them. The political post posted on the social media of the National President of JDU is a sign that JDU is going to take a big decision in the coming days regarding the political future of itself and the state.

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JDU will take a big decision
Dhirendra It is said that if someone’s slogan and ‘dhara’ (ideology) is being taken. The message is clear that something is cooking. They say that RJD may merge with JDU! It is also possible that be it RJD or JDU, all these parties have come out from the Janata Dal itself. Come under one umbrella, it won’t be a big deal. However, he questioned the unity of the Janata Dal. He said that the political events of the time are a witness to the fact that the political khichdi, which is united in the Janata Dal, has not been cooked successfully in any period. There have also been incidents of disintegration before joining. He said that politics is a game of possibilities. Should wait with time. old saying. Socialists don’t stay together for more than a day and don’t stay apart for more than two days.

E politics is brother, for power there is a compromise with principle, Lalan Singh’s ‘infinite’ support to Neelam Devi
Nitish made a distance from the campaign
Nitish Kumar has distanced himself from the Gopalganj and Mokama assembly seat by-election campaign. JDU leaders are also not showing anything active. Meanwhile, Lalan Singh has raised the slogan of social justice. There is a discussion in the political corridors that now RJD and JDU will merge. However, political pundits say that the politics of Bihar is still going through a period of confusion. Manjhi, close to Nitish, says that if Nitish turns once again, we will support him. What message does this statement convey? Meanwhile, Lalan Singh’s slogan of ‘Social Justice’ gives a message of mutual merger of JDU and RJD. Some people say that after the merger of RJD-JDU, Nitish Kumar is going to prepare a strong alternative to Narendra Modi in the country.

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Good Governance Slogan Missing!
On the other hand, since Chief Minister Nitish Kumar broke ties with the NDA and formed the government with the Grand Alliance, there are speculations that RJD and JDU will merge. CM Nitish and RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav can merge their respective parties to form a new strong party, which will challenge BJP not only in Bihar but across the country. However, so far no information has been given by both the parties on this. It is believed that talks on internal merger are going on. Both the parties may also consider forming a new party with a new name and new symbol.



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