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Brijesh Singh: Bahubali Brijesh Singh appeared in court for the first time after 21 years of attack on Mukhtar Ansari

Ghazipur: In the court of Additional Sessions Judge First MP-MLA Court Ramsudh Singh, Brijesh Singh appeared for the first time in the Usri Chatti shooting incident after being released on bail on Tuesday, but the hearing was not held due to non-availability of the presiding officer. The date of hearing in this matter has now been given on August 29.

Brijesh Singh, the main accused, was to appear in the hearing on August 16 in the Usri Chatti murder case of 21-year-old Muhammadabad police station. Brajesh Singh was produced in the court amid heavy security. At the same time, Tribhuvan Singh, the second main accused of these cases in the court, was to appear in the court through video conferencing, but the hearing was not held on Tuesday as the presiding officer was not present in the court. Shortly after entering the court, Brijesh Singh went back. The matter will now come up for hearing on August 29.

this is the case
On 15 July 2001, Mukhtar Ansari was going from his native village Muhammadabad to his constituency Mau. On the way to Mau, the people who had already ambushed on Usri Chatti attacked Mukhtar’s convoy with automatic weapons. The target of the attack was Mukhtar Ansari, but Mukhta Ansari survived the attack. In this attack, 3 people lost their lives from both the sides. On behalf of Mukhtar Ansari, a case was registered against other 15 unknowns, naming Brijesh Singh and Tribhuvan Singh. In the last few hearings, Brajesh Singh and Tribhuvan Singh could not be connected due to technical glitches in the video conferencing link. Due to the failure of these two, the proceedings of the court were affected. At present, Brajesh Singh has got relief from the High Court in this case.
Input: Amitesh Kumar Singh




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