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Britain’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak can prove to be a new chapter for India-UK relations, know how?


Sunak said in his speech that he will deal with the economy, will not leave any debt for the next generation
He said that there are huge opportunities for the people of Britain in India too.

London. With Rishi Sunak, a British citizen of Indian origin, becoming the Prime Minister of Britain on Tuesday, India-UK relations can be exchanged on a large scale. After losing the Conservative Party leadership race just seven weeks ago, Sunak wrote a brilliant script for a return to British politics.

Sunak, 42, of Indian origin has created history by becoming the new Prime Minister of Britain. Sunak was elected unopposed as the leader of the Conservative Party on Monday after Penny Mordent announced her withdrawal from the race, exactly on Diwali. It turned out to be a special Diwali for the former finance minister who became the youngest British prime minister in 210 years after meeting Maharaja Charles III at Buckingham Palace. His approach to India-UK relations goes beyond an opportunity for Britain to sell its goods in India and he wants Britain to learn from India.

There are huge opportunities in India for the people of Britain
When Sunak was the finance minister, he had said, ‘Britain does not have a monopoly on opportunities. There are huge opportunities in India too and we must make sure that British people also have access to India so that they can study in world class institutions and work in great startups.

Sunak, who entered politics by profession as an investment banker, while presenting an outline of India-UK relations said, ‘I want to make sure that our students also travel to India and learn there. It will be easier for our companies and Indian companies to work together as it will not be a one-sided relationship. It will be a two way relationship. I want this kind of change in the relationship.

Will tackle the economy, will not leave any debt for the next generation: Sunak
In his first address as Prime Minister, he said, ‘I will try to deal with the challenges we are facing today in the same sympathetic manner. He will not leave a debt on the next generation to say that we were unable to pay ourselves. Sunak achieved a historic milestone on Tuesday as the British Prime Minister, becoming Britain’s first non-white prime minister, indicating that modern Britain celebrates diversity. Sunak lost the prime ministerial race to Conservative Party leader Liz Truss on September 5, though Truss resigned last Thursday after 45 days in office.

The birth place of Sunak’s grandmother is in the Punjab province of Pakistan.
Sunak’s parents are retired doctor Yashveer and pharmacist Usha Sunak are of Indian origin and immigrated to the UK from Kenya in the 1960s. Sunak is married to Akshata Murthy, daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy. The Sunak couple has two daughters. Sunak was born in Southampton. Sunak’s grandparents were born in India during the British rule, but his birthplace now falls in Gujranwala, located in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

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