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Brother-in-law and brother-in-law infatuated with brother’s wife: together they did this scandal, made life hell, husband turned away


Churu victim’s story
The woman was married three years ago
First Jeth and later brother-in-law cast evil eye

Churu. In Rajasthan’s Churu district, another sensational case has come to the fore which has strained relations. The life of a woman from Churu’s Sardarshahar area was made hell by her brother-in-law and brother-in-law together. After just one year of marriage, the elder brother fell in love with the younger brother’s wife. Later, by threatening her, he carried out the rape incident. When the victim told this to her husband, he said that everything is fine. Later the brother-in-law of the victim also started casting evil eye on her. After that he also raped the victim several times.

When the husband also turned his back on the victim who was under the evil eyes of brother-in-law and brother-in-law, she went to the police. But even there he did not get justice. After that, the victim met the Superintendent of Police twice and expressed her pain, but from there too she got only assurance. The victim is waiting for justice. The victim alleges that the police have not taken any action after the case was registered.

from your city (Churu)

Only after 11 years of marriage, the husband became a monster, this was done for love, had prepared to kill his wife

Jeth entered the room and said you are very beautiful
The 23-year-old victim told that she was married in October 2019. At first everything went well after marriage. But after about nine to ten months, she started being harassed for dowry. In December 2020, along with her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law had gone out for some work. The same night her brother-in-law entered her room and said you are very beautiful. After that Jeth raped her. He also made a video of this incident. Later threatened not to tell anyone.

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Did not come out of the clutches of Jeth that brother-in-law became enemy
According to the victim, she mustered up courage and told this to her husband. But he does everything and silenced his mouth by citing defamation. After that Jeth raped her again after getting a chance with her. She could not even recover from the sting that one day brother-in-law entered her room and said that her brother-in-law had told her everything. Later, the brother-in-law raped her by threatening to defame her. On this she again told her husband that but louse would not even crawl on her ears.

In-laws beat victim’s brother on complaint
Finally, after getting tired, the victim took the support of her relatives. He informed his brother about the whole incident. When the victim’s brother complained about this to her husband and in-laws, they beat her up. After being disappointed from all sides, the victim reached Sardarshahar police station with her complaint. The victim alleges that the police have registered the case but have not taken any action till now.

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