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Bulldozers will run at the hospital offering Mosambi juice instead of platelets in Prayagraj? Administration has given notice

Prayagraj: In Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, the accused hospital is preparing for bulldozer action in the case of offering Mosambi juice instead of platelets to a dengue patient. A notice has been issued by the Prayagraj administration to the hospital management. Global Hospital located in Jhalwa area of ​​the district was accused of offering Mosambi juice instead of platelets. When the dengue victim’s condition started deteriorating, he was shifted to another hospital. There he died. After this matter came to light, Deputy CM and Health Minister Brajesh Pathak ordered an inquiry into the matter. After this the administration became active. The hospital investigation began. On behalf of the hospital management, an attempt was made to get rid of it in this matter. After this the administration got the hospital examined. It has been found that the building map of Global Hospital has not been approved. After this a notice to demolish it has been issued.

The hospital has been sealed
Action was taken on the hospital by Prayagraj administration for offering Mosambi juice to a dengue patient. The hospital coming under Dhumanganj police station area was sealed. An official said that the hospital has been sealed on the instructions of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). The hospital will remain sealed till the platelets sample is tested. The officer said that the samples of platelets are being tested by the Drug Inspector. After the platelets case came to the fore, the entire horoscope of the hospital was searched. It has been found that its map has not been passed. In such a situation, the building of the hospital has been considered illegal. A notice to break it was issued.

Action taken by PDA
There has been a big action from Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) in the matter of not passing the map of Global Hospital. A notice to demolish the hospital has been issued. The hospital administration has been given three days for this. The reply has to be filed within the time limit prescribed by the hospital management. PDA officials say that this information has come to the fore when the building was investigated after the incident. In such a situation, the hospital management has to file its reply. After that further action will be taken. If the response of the hospital administration is not satisfactory, then the PDA can issue an order for bulldozer action on the hospital.

Global Hospital Prayagraj

What is the whole matter?
A dengue victim named Pradeep Pandey was admitted to Global Hospital in Prayagraj. The reason for the patient’s death was said to be the transfusion of Mosambi juice instead of platelets. The patient’s life was played with. The allegation was on Global Hospital located in Jhalwa, Prayagraj. Relatives say that after the platelets were transfused, the patient’s health started deteriorating. He was rushed to another hospital. There he died. Relatives say that the patient was admitted to Global Hospital after his health deteriorated. Doctors said, platelets will have to be transfused. Spent Rs 9000. Bought platelets. It was offered. The relatives allege, these platelets killed their family members.

Prayagraj Dengue1

The relatives of the patient brought the whole matter to the fore by releasing a video on social media. He termed the platelets donated to the patient as fake. Said it is Mosambi juice. It was administered incorrectly to the patient. Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak got information about the viral video on social media. The Deputy CM said on the tweet that the incident should be investigated. The district administration swung into action after the Deputy CM’s tweet. In the preliminary investigation of the CMO, the negligence of the hospital administration came to the fore. The hospital that offered Mosambi juice was sealed.

Half a dozen accused have been arrested for trading in fake platelets. Officials said the patient, Pradeep Pandey, was admitted to another hospital in the city after his condition deteriorated, where he died. However, no FIR has been registered with the local police station in connection with the incident. At the same time, the owner of the private hospital claims that the platelets were brought from some other place. The patient started having problems after three units of platelets were transfused.



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