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Buxar: Villagers in panic due to terror of mad monkey, bitten and injured more than 30 people

Gulshan Singh

Buxar, These days there is terror of mad monkey in Badka Dhakaich of Krishnabrahma police station area of ​​Buxar district of Bihar. The villagers are scared of the monkey targeting the common man. According to the information received, a mad monkey who had entered the village has bitten and injured many people in the last two days. The villagers tell that a herd of monkeys have entered the village since a fortnight. Among the monkeys roaming around in a herd of seven to eight, a sly monkey has so far bitten and injured 30-35 people.

Local people say that they have informed the district administration about this, but no rescue team has been sent so far. The fear of the howling monkey is so high that it has become difficult for children, women and the elderly to leave the house. People told that due to panic, people are not going up to their roofs to sunbathe in the cold.

Girl student had to get 27 stitches due to monkey bite

A 17-year-old village girl, Pratima Kumari, has been injured by a monkey by biting her on her leg. The statue is unable to walk due to monkey attack. Pratima’s mother Shobha Devi told that her daughter had to get 27 stitches during treatment, but still she is moaning in pain.

This is not the condition of the statue alone, but the monkey has targeted many other people of the village as well. Local Pankaj Dubey told that apart from biting people, the monkey is also harming crops and plants. Due to this fear, children are reluctant to go to school and play outside. At the same time, women have also stopped going to the terrace for domestic work.

SDM assures quick rescue of monkeys

Tried to establish contact with the DFO of the Forest Department for the rescue of monkeys, but the contact could not be established. Later this information was given to Dumraon subdivision officer Kumar Pankaj. The SDM has assured quick action on this.

The villagers told that they have also informed the Superintendent of Police (SP) of Buxar. The villagers demand that the rescue team should be sent as soon as possible to get rid of monkey terror. Scared and troubled villagers are forced to guard for their safety.

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