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Came to get treatment, became each other’s life; Amazing love story in mental hospital

Chennai. It is not possible to say anything about when, where and with whom love will happen. A similar case has come to the fore in the 228-year-old Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Chennai. This is the story of two patients who reached the hospital for mental treatment. When both fell in love with each other, they themselves do not know. This is the first and unique case in the history of more than two hundred and fifty years of IMH. First, steps were taken to prevent the two from coming closer, then when the hospital management came to know that they could not live without each other, they were left to live their lives. Both of them will soon tie the knot.

This wonderful story of love is from Chennai based IMH. P. Mahendran and Deepa were admitted to the Institute of Mental Health for their treatment. Mahendran’s life came to a standstill when there was a conflict between relatives over family property. Fear and worry about family property engulfed Mahendran’s mind. Deepa’s father passed away in the year 2016. After that his life came to a standstill. Despite being a mother and sister, she started feeling alone at home. His condition deteriorated so much that he had to be admitted to IMH.

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I don’t know when it came IMH
Mahendran and Deepa don’t even know when they came to IMH. At IMH they are like people who don’t even know where to go. Even after the completion of treatment, they do not know who can help them to lead a normal life. A few months back, Mahendran and Deepa were shifted to the ‘Half Way Home’ on the IMH campus. In this building, those patients are kept, whose health is seen to improve significantly. This is where the love between Mahendran and Deepa blossomed. Deepa and Mahendran are going to get married at the local temple on Friday.

‘Never thought of marriage’
According to the news published in ‘Indian Express’, Deepa told that she never thought of marriage after the death of her father. At the same time, Mahendran started singing songs for his girlfriend Deepa. Mahendran told that Deepa is everything to him now. IMH director Dr Poorna Chandrika says that she had received complaints that Mahendra and Deepa spend a lot of time with each other. Even the two go out together and watch movies together. Chandrika says that she had imposed some restrictions on both of them after the complaint, but she soon came to know about their love. IMH director says that after marriage both cannot live here. At the same time, Mahendran and Deepa say that after marriage, they will take a house on rent near IMH, so that they can live like a family.

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