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Camel Jungle News: Does the camel not feel pain? how the ship of the desert chews the thorns

not even a scratch in the camel’s mouth

The papillae work together with the muscles of the tongue and mouth to help digest food. Experts on Quora tell that if this papilla made in the camel’s mouth is touched, it feels very hard. Because of this, the camel’s mouth does not get scratched.

Anyway, the food of camel living in the desert is slightly different. He eats and drinks according to his need and circumstances. When a camel drinks water, it swallows more than 100 liters of water. Now next time you see a camel eating something, you will understand what is inside.

see a camel eating a cactus

see a camel eating a cactus

This picture is taken from a video. In this the camel is given a tray full of cactus and he starts eating towards a favorite dish. The cameraman zooms in on the camel’s mouth, big thorns are visible but the camel’s mouth does not stop. He chews on the thorns with ease.

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