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‘Can’t claim equality’, shock to employees taking VRS, Supreme Court said big thing

New Delhi. The Supreme Court has given important instructions regarding the employees taking voluntary retirement. The court says that employees who take voluntary retirement (VRS) before the date of retirement cannot claim parity with employees who retire after attaining the age of retirement. The top court made this comment during the hearing of a petition challenging a decision of the Mumbai High Court. Please tell that this petition was filed by the employees taking VRS. In this petition, there is mention of not getting the benefit of revision in the pay scale.

The Court says that those employees of the Maharashtra State Financial Corporation who took advantage of VRS and left their service voluntarily are in a different position. The court says that people taking VRS cannot claim equality with such an employee who has retired after completing his full tenure. They cannot claim equality with those employees who worked continuously, discharged their duties and then retired.

Court’s important comment on wage revision
Supreme Court It says that the matter of pay revision comes in the field of executive policy making. The court said that a larger public interest is also involved in this. It is related to revision of salaries of public sector officers and employees. Good public policy is one that understands the union and state governments and other public employers who have to revise wages from time to time.

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The court says that wage revision also serves other purposes such as encouraging a sense of commitment and loyalty to public employment.

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