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Car thieves set century in Delhi everyday, how gang works? How to survive, know everything

New Delhi: By 2021, one crore 22 lakh 53 thousand vehicles were registered in Delhi. Their number has increased further in 2022. The graph of theft of vehicles has also increased. In the year 2020, an average of 86 vehicles were stolen every day, which touched 96 in 2021. Police seizures have increased. It was more than 9 in 2020, then crossed 10 in 2021. This year, of course, the police has brought the number of seizures to 15. Many gangs have been busted by the police. Many car thieves have been caught, but this business is not taking the name of stopping.

Car theft happens every now and then
Police officers said that different trends of gangs caught so far were seen. Some gangs target morning walkers from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. When people park their car and go to the gym or park, the thieves take away. Some gangs target vehicles parked on the road at office hours from 10:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Most gangs consider it safe to carry out work in silence from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Now clean the car in five minutes
Being automatic has made it easier for thieves to fly the vehicle. Thieves are adept at cracking the barcoat on the vehicle through the Chinese app or making a new key from the key-making tab. They break the small rear glass and open the lock of the car door through the wires. After this, take the car with the key made and fly. Police officers say that all this takes just five minutes, whereas earlier it was more difficult to steal the car.

Delhi Crime News: Manipur was stealing cars from Delhi, inter-state gang busted, 21 cars recovered

High security plate break
Police officers say that high security number plates were introduced to prevent theft. Thieves have searched for it too. They break the number plate of the car of the same brand from which they have to steal the car. After this, to fit that number plate, they make a frame at the front and back of the vehicle, on which they fit the stolen high security number plate. Whose only number plate is stolen, he does not file a case.

Creta Gang: Gang’s heart came on Creta like this… 70 thousand machine and car missing, the actions of the vicious thieves will surprise
what happens to these cars
Insurance companies sell damaged vehicles in the accident. Also provide documents. Big gangs buy this car. Gang members get the car of the same brand stolen. Put the chassis and engine number of the junk in the stolen vehicle. That is, give it the identity of a junked car. After this, they sell in other states at expensive prices. The original documents of the used vehicle are handed over to the buyer of the stolen vehicle. The rest of the stolen vehicles are dismantled, whose parts are sold in the market.

gangsters earn in crores
Police officers say that the thief gets only one to two lakh rupees for stealing a car. The kingpins of big gangs take maximum advantage. After stealing, apart from selling or cutting the car, gang gangsters do the work of consuming the parts in the market. That’s why they earn crores of rupees. There are 25 to 30 big gangs active in Delhi, who are doing this work in an organized manner. There are hundreds of small gangs, who give these vicious gangsters a vehicle to hide.

Where are the places
Even though the harvesting business has stopped in Sotiganj of Meerut. The cutting runs up to Muzaffarnagar, Muradnagar, Moradabad, Sambhal, Bulandshahr, Pune, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Uttarkashi, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Some cases have also been reported in Delhi’s Naraina and Sunder Nagari. Under new identities, stolen vehicles are sold in the states of North East, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Nepal and Bangladesh.

ways to avoid theft

  • Always park the car in the parking lot
  • set security alarm
  • Keep gear and wheel locked
  • get numbers written on car windows
  • Don’t forget to install GPS system

reason for car theft

  • deserted outside colonies
  • No parking in residential-commercial area
  • More profits for criminals in less danger
  • There is a lot of demand for parts from other states

Register FIR online
First of all call 112 in case of car theft. It is okay if a policeman comes from the police station. Otherwise get the FIR done online from the website of Delhi Police. The police submit the final report to the area magistrate within a month, where it can take a maximum of one month to get the approval. Its copy is received from there to the complainant, which is necessary for insurance claim.

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bike theft for crime
Police officers say that 70 percent of two-wheeler theft in the capital is done by vicious crooks, who use them for robbery, snatching, theft and even murder. After that leave the bike unattended. The Mewati gang steals more on two-wheelers to sell. The business of selling parts is also carried on. In May this year, the Crime Branch raided Gokulpuri market and recovered 207 engines. Six accused were caught, who had flown more than a thousand two-wheelers.

Look at the condition of this car… it’s just a 5 minute game for these Delhi rogues
How can it be controlled?
1. Case is registered under section 379 of IPC. This is a non-bailable offence. There is a provision of imprisonment of three months to three years. Bail is also available quickly. The complainants reach a settlement during the trial. Vicious crooks do business openly for years. Police officers say that there is a need to make strict laws for habitual thieves.
2. Insurance companies sell cash loss vehicles (damage vehicles, which cost a lot to get repaired) in junk, which are also supplied with paper. If there is a ban on giving paper along with the damaged vehicle, then the vicious method of identifying stolen vehicles with their identity will end. Car theft can be stopped up to fifty percent.

of preventionwhat does the police do for

  1. Patrolling in the area prone to car theft
  2. Checking by putting pickets in such areas
  3. awareness of equipment installation
  4. Entering stolen vehicle details in the app
  5. parking attendant awareness
  6. insurance companycoordinating meeting with

stolen vehicle accounts

Automobile Theft Delhi

Thieves blow four vehicles daily in Noida
Apart from Delhi, the area of ​​NCR also remains on the radar of car thieves. According to the data of Noida Police, 120 car theft cases are being registered every month. Most are sold for scrap. According to ADCP Noida Ashutosh Dwivedi, high security number plates prove to be helpful in locating vehicles. But it is difficult to say that this has reduced theft.

7 car theft daily in ghaziabad
Every day seven vehicles are stolen in Ghaziabad. According to the police records, in 243 days till August this year, 1790 vehicles were stolen, out of which 464 were recovered. The recovery was around 26 per cent. In the year 2021, 2923 vehicles were stolen. After strictness in Soti Ganj, the car-cutting gangs of the district have also become active. This year the police have arrested 443 car thieves.

Faridabad: ‘Kundi Wala Chor’ steals like this

Dozen thefts daily in Faridabad
Every day 10 to 12 vehicles are being stolen in Faridabad. Apart from bikes and eco cars, luxury vehicles like Fortuner, Creta, BMW and Audi remain on target. The arrival of high security number plates has not affected the vehicle theft much. In the year 2021, 3213 vehicles were stolen, out of which only 654 were recovered. Most of the vehicles are stationed in Mewat and Delhi. The gang that sent vehicles to Myanmar via Manipur was caught last year.



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