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Case of crushing social media influencer Priya Singh with a car, Ashwajeet Gaikwad arrested

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Priya Singh’s alleged lover Ashvajit Gaikwad and his associates arrested

Thane: In Thane, Maharashtra, social media influencer Priya Singh had accused her alleged lover and the son of a senior officer of crushing her with a Range Rover car and attempting to kill her. SIT has taken major action in this case. Thane Police’s SIT has arrested Ashvajit Gaikwad and his associates. The police have arrested all the people Priya had accused.

Thane Police Commissioner’s statement came out

Thane Police Commissioner Jaijit Singh said that Ashwajit Gaikwad, Romil Patil and Sagar Shedge have been arrested in the case registered at Kasarvadavali police station. Police have seized a Scorpio and a Land Rover Defender car from them.

What allegations did Priya make?

Social media influencer Priya Singh has alleged that her boyfriend Ashvajeet Gaikwad assaulted her and then the boy along with his friends tried to crush her with an SUV, due to which she got seriously injured.

What did Ashvajit Gaikwad tell?

According to Ashwajeet Gaikwad, accused in this case, Priya Singh had come drunk to the hotel where Ashwajeet was attending a family function and Priya tried to pressurize Ashwajeet to talk.

When Ashwajeet refuses, Priya starts abusing him. After this, when Ashwajeet’s friends tried to intervene, Priya beat them up too. During this, driver Shelke started the SUV so that Priya could move away from there, but unfortunately she fell on the road.

The accused boy says that this accident was not done intentionally. Ashvajeet alleged that this is nothing but a way to extort money from him. Ashvajeet has given him money earlier also and he has all the records. It is noteworthy that Ashwajeet Gaikwad is the son of the Managing Director of MSRDC in Thane.

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