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Cat News: Aunt Cat is rebellious by nature! See not only cobra, even tiger’s air got tight

Why was the tiger scared of the cat?

Studies show that the domestic cat is a hunter equal to the lion and the tiger. According to the report of Daily Mail, 100 cats were researched on their attitude by installing GPS trackers and cameras. Experts were surprised to see that the domestic cat acts like a fighting machine. A cat can hunt a mouse in two seconds. A cat can jump about five times its height. The style of hunting is the same in the entire cat family, including the tiger. This is the reason why the other person in the family takes him seriously. The confidence of the cat also matters here.

snake and cat fight

snake and cat fight

Whether it is a snake or any other animal, the cat knows how to tire it out. This is the reason why she can easily win the fight against the snake. By disturbing the snake from different angles, it can weaken its attack capability.

Seeing the video on social media, Arvind wrote that the video clearly shows that if you want to ignore the cat, it can become a rebel. Coming from the cat family, there are rebellious attitudes in the cat’s blood. Tiger, Cheetah and Leopard come from this family. Being a member of the same family, the cat is fearless.

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