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CBI Inspector threatened, said- ‘Don’t shoot, giving Rs 10 lakh is not a big deal for you’

New Delhi. ‘Don’t shoot, giving 10 lakh rupees is not a big deal for you’ said CBI Inspector Sandeep Kumar while demanding bribe from a suspect. He said that give me 10 lakh rupees in one go, not in instalments, otherwise the risk will increase 10 times. The investigation has now started on the CBI Inspector. His own department is investigating after registering the case. The investigating CBI officer said that the conversation on the phone of the accused officer Sandeep Kumar has been recorded and now the investigation has been started keeping all the aspects in mind.

The accused CBI Inspector had sought bribe from Sukar Anjani, a government employee posted in Daman and Diu, whose complaint was made to CBI itself and CBI has registered a case against its officer Sandeep Kumar on the basis of phone recording and other evidence. Sandeep had threatened Anjani that he would also issue notices to Anjani’s wife and brother in the investigation of the disproportionate assets case. If you want to close the matter, then give Rs 10 lakh in one go.

Bank accounts are checked, Rs 10 lakh is not a big deal for you
After receiving the complaint, CBI officials met Anjani in a hotel room in Gujarat on March 22, and then Anjani called Sandeep Kumar, who had been demanding bribes from her for several months. In this call, Sandeep Kumar is heard telling Anjani that her case is not closed because Anjani did not do what she was asked to do since last November. Sandeep Kumar was assigned to investigate the Preliminary Inquiry (PE) lodged by the CBI against Anjani. Sandeep said that I have checked the bank accounts also, 10 lakh rupees is not a big amount for you, so don’t fool me.

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