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Center’s new campaign: Rural women will be aware about violence; Every help will be available for one month

New Delhi. The Central Government has started an awareness campaign regarding the increasing gender-based violence in the country. This campaign will run for a month. It has been started by the Ministry of Rural Development especially regarding violence against women in rural India and their rights. Rural Development Minister Giriraj Singh started this campaign from Friday. He said that under this campaign, women across the country will be helped in case of violence and they will be made strong and aware.

With this campaign, the government is trying to make them aware about the violence against women and also help them. At the beginning of this campaign, women from all over the country were called in Delhi. Many also shared their personal experiences regarding violence. During this one-month campaign, women will be given legal information and information about their socio-legal rights. Not only this, they will be provided with the help of the police as well as health care. The Women and Child Development Department will also help women at the district level.

Union Minister Sadhvi told the story
Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, who participated in this program, said that I have come from the village. Till date no one had the courage to look at me by raising their eyes. He also shared an experience of his own. She said that when she was 14 years old, the conductor pushed her, after which she gave a befitting reply to the conductor. Sadhvi said that women should have the courage to speak and fight against violence.

This is what the NCRB report says
According to the NCRB report, in the year 2021, 31677 cases of rape were reported. About 32 percent of married women in rural India and about 29 percent of women in the rest of the country suffered from this type of violence during 2019-21. This sequence continues continuously. Among these, about 77 percent women living in rural India do not seek any legal help for the attacks on them, do not register any kind of case. Most women and men in the country consider gender-based violence to be okay. For example, if a husband beats his wife for going out without permission or for not cooking food on time, then it is considered justified. According to the data of the ministry, there was an increase in violence against women during the Kovid period.

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