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Central government’s Jaldoot app launched, will get information about the water level of rural reservoirs

New Delhi. The Central Government has launched the Jaldoot app, which will provide information about the status and monitoring of ground water across the country. Jaldoot App has been started jointly by the Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Panchayati States of the Central Government. This is such an app, through which in the coming time information about the water level of the reservoirs built in every village of the country will be available. A complete blueprint has been prepared for this.

Actually, Jaldoot is an app in which Gram Rozgar Sahayak working in different villages of the country will have to register himself on this app. These people will also be called Jaldoots. After getting registered, he will have to measure the water level of all the water bodies in their respective villages twice a year and enter their information in the app. Along with that, they will have to upload a photograph of themselves near the well or water source where they are measuring. With this, this data will directly reach the Ministry of Rural Development of the Central Government.

Will directly connect the app to the Panchayat, the responsibility of raising the water level

From this it will be known whether the government is doing great things to raise the water level, whether it is being done properly or not. The Jaldoot app was launched by Union Minister Fagan Singh Kulaste, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti and Kapil Moreshwar Patil. Union Minister Faggan Singh Singh Kulaste told that this app will directly connect the panchayat. It is the responsibility of the state government. It has to be seen how the check dams are being cleaned in the states. We have to stop this water which gets released from there. There is also a need to speed up the work of Amrit Sarovar.

Will be able to do something only if there is water left: Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti

At the same time, Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti told that there were 13 blocks in her district out of which 2 were out of drought. But ever since the government was formed, today there are 2 blocks in our district which are in the dark zone. If there is water left then only we will be able to do anything. According to Kapil Moreshwar Patil, the way the PM thinks about water, we are trying to take it to the ground. It is the responsibility of the state to take the effort to the result. There are about 2 lakh 55 thousand panchayats.

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