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Central teams detect hoarding of mustard and edible oils, instructions to states for action

Edible Oil Prices: Edible oil prices continue to remain high. There has been a slight decrease in the price in the last 15 days but it is still much higher compared to the same season last year. Concerned about the inflation of edible oils, the Modi government has instructed the state governments to take action against the hoarders. The hoarding came to light when teams sent by the central government carried out investigations. The investigation found that the raw materials and edible oils used in the production of edible oils were stored in excess of the prescribed limit.

Detected the storage of mustard in excess of the permissible limit
Central teams have come to know about the storage of mustard in different districts of Madhya Pradesh in excess of the prescribed limit. Central teams have uncovered illegal storage of mustard in Dewas, Shajapur and Guna districts of Madhya Pradesh. In these districts, intensive investigation was done by the central teams which revealed the illegal storage. The investigation is going on now.

Edible oil hoarding detected
Along with this, central teams in Maharashtra and Rajasthan have also come to know about hoarding of edible oils. According to the Ministry of Food and Consumers, hoarders include big wholesalers and traders running retail chains. All the state governments have been instructed to take strict action against such hoarders. State governments have been requested to strictly follow the Essential Commodities Act. Along with this, the supply of essential commodities like edible oils has also been directed to be maintained uninterrupted.

Government sent teams to many states
In view of the inflation of edible oils, the central government has imposed a stock limit on the storage of mustard and edible oils till December 31, 2022, which is applicable from the beginning of this month. But the government had received such intelligence that both these items were being illegally stored. In view of this, the central government had sent its team to Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, West Bengal and Telangana.

Mustard oil price has increased wildly
According to government data, on April 11, where the wholesale price of mustard oil was Rs 198 per liter in Delhi, it was Rs 189 per liter in Mumbai. Although the average price has come down by Rs 10 per liter as compared to last month, but last year at the same time mustard oil was being sold for just Rs 152 in Delhi and Rs 158 per liter in Mumbai.

Soya oil prices down slightly as compared to last month
Similarly, soya oil was also selling at Rs 148 per liter in Delhi last year, while its wholesale price is Rs 170 per liter now. In Mumbai, this price has increased from Rs 140 per liter last year to Rs 163 per liter now. Although the prices have definitely come down a bit as compared to last month.

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