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CEO was made a year ago from CTO, now Elon Musk out of Twitter

Know Who Is Parag Agrawal: Twitter is now completely in the hands of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. As soon as he got ownership of Twitter, he was the first to remove Parag Agarwal, who became the CEO of Twitter in the year 2021 itself. Earlier he was the CTO of Twitter. He was made CEO after the resignation of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Who is Parag Agarwal? Let us tell you every single thing about them, which is important for you.

Parag Agarwal joined Twitter in 2011 and served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since October 2017. As CTO, he was responsible for the company’s technical strategy. Parag continued to do pioneering work to improve the growth velocity by pushing the state of machine learning.

Prior to being appointed CTO, Parag became Twitter’s first distinguished engineer due to his work in revenue and consumer engineering. Talking about Parag’s studies, he has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai (IIT Mumbai).

10 great things about Parag Agarwal

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1- Parag, 38, is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai. He has done his graduation in engineering in computer science here. After this he went to America for further studies and obtained his doctorate from Stanford University. He did his schooling from Atomic Energy Central School. Parag’s mother is a retired school teacher. His father was employed in the nuclear energy sector and held senior positions there.

2- Parag joined Twitter in 2011. Prior to this, he briefly worked at Microsoft, AT&T and Yahoo. His work in all three companies was mostly research oriented. Initially he worked on products related to advertising on Twitter, but gradually he started working in Artificial Intelligence as well. In 2017, when he was made CTO of Twitter and in 2021 as CEO.

3- Parag was well-liked by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his work. In one of his emails sent to Twitter employees, Dorsey wrote that he has been her favorite for some time. Because he deeply understands the company and its needs. Parag was behind every important decision that helped turn this company around. He is curious, researching, self-aware and humble.

4- At Twitter, as CTO, Parag has been instrumental in “overseeing Twitter’s technology strategy and machine learning and AI across consumer, revenue and science teams”.

5- He has been in a leadership position at Twitter for a while, Parag was not as famous as Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella when he became CEO. Parag himself had acknowledged this in his email after becoming the CEO.

6- Parag was born in Mumbai. A report quoted his thesis advisor as saying that he has a particularly good understanding of mathematics and his expertise in dealing with large databases.

7- A New York Times report states that like Jack Dorsey, Parag is calm, polite, deeply technical, and an internet enthusiast. The report calls him Dorsey’s spiritual successor. In the same report, a Twitter employee has been quoted as saying that Parag is a practical engineer.

8- Twitter had revealed that as CEO, Parag would be given a compensation of $1 million annually as well as $12.5 million in stock.

9- Parag has been considered one of the top engineers in Twitter. He was once part of the company’s TAG group, which, along with Twitter, oversees all new products and technologies. In 2019, Jack Dorsey announced a social media project called Bluesky. Parag was taking care of it.

10- Parag moved to the US in 2005. He joined Twitter in 2011, while he was pursuing his doctorate at Stanford. The NYT report said that her thesis advisor Jennifer Widom had inspired her to complete her studies.

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