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Chandauli: Train doors did not open even after reservation, 69 passengers left on platform, remained helpless for 15 hours

Chandauli , Great negligence of railways has come to the fore at DDU Junction. Where the door of Sanghamitra Express could not open due to excessive crowd at the station. Due to which about 70 devotees could not board the train. All the devotees had to go to Chennai. The extent of negligence on the part of the railway officials was reached when they did not even reach the station for 15 hours to know the condition of the helpless devotees. However, later the RPF provided food to everyone. Along with this, all the passengers were sent to Itarsi by Lokmanya train. From where you can travel further. During this, women children and elderly passengers had to face a lot of trouble.

In fact, nine days ago, a team of 190 people from Tirunamalai district of Chennai had come on Kashi Yatra. After visiting Kashi, Prayagraj and Gaya, everyone had a reservation in the sleeper coach of Sanghamitra Express at 11 pm on Saturday night. All the passengers reached the railway station on time and started waiting for the train. But despite this they could not board the train.

Bhuminathan, who accompanied the passengers as a guide, told that the train reached platform number four of the local railway station at 11 pm. All the coach doors of the train were closed and there were a lot of passengers in it. The doors of other coaches including S-1, S-2, S-3, S-7, S-9 were banged. But no one opened the door from inside. 120 passengers of the team somehow got into the AC coach. But their luggage and tickets remained at the bottom. At the same time 67 passengers could not board.

Meanwhile, the train opened on signal. On this we appealed to the RPF and GRP personnel and asked them to stop the train, but they pushed us away from the train. Even told TTE etc. but no one listened and the train went from in front of the eyes. Later, when the complaint was made to the station superintendent, he also raised his hand from helping.

After people’s hue and cry and complaint on tweet to the Ministry of Railways, our ticket was validated to travel by another train. RPF West Post In-charge Sanjeev Kumar told that in the morning the RPF arranged for the passengers to eat. After which the passengers were sent to Itarsi by Lokmanya Tilak Express at 2:30 pm on Sunday. From here they will go to Chennai by another train.

Passengers failed to board due to TTE game

Significantly, this is not the first incident of passengers not being able to enter the coach of the train. Even before this, incidents like this keep coming to the fore. But due to this happening with some passengers, the matter does not get highlighted. When the train of East Central Railway reaches Danapur division, the passengers of general ticket wrongly enter the reservation class. After which the receipt along with the convenience fee is deducted from the TTE. After which, in the coach made to seat 92 people, more than a hundred numbers remain at the previous stations only. Passengers lock the door from inside due to overcrowding. Because of which such a situation arises. The officials of the Commercial Department of Railways are also aware of this. But in order to increase revenue collection, the convenience and safety of the passengers is ignored.

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