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Chandra Grahan 2022: Why lunar eclipse occurs every year only on full moon, know the reason

Chandra Grahan 2022: The last lunar eclipse of this year in the country will happen on November 8. At the time of moonrise, the eclipse will be visible from all the places in India. The end of both the full and partial phases of the lunar eclipse will be visible from the eastern parts of the country. Only the end of the partial phase will be visible from the rest of the country. Let us tell you that the eclipse has a special significance in Hindu beliefs. However, according to religion, eclipse is not considered auspicious. For this reason, the food kept in the eclipse is not eaten. Worship is not done. Trees are not cut.

Although lunar eclipse takes place every year, but have you ever paid attention to why the last eclipse always takes place on full moon and new moon. According to the Hindu calendar, a lunar eclipse occurs only on the full moon date. Actually, according to the Hindu calendar, there is a full moon date in every month, but there is no eclipse on every full moon. Because that is not possible. The Moon is tilted on the Earth’s orbit by about 5 degrees.

Due to this, most of the time the Moon passes from above or below the Earth. Because of this, lunar eclipse does not occur on every full moon date. But when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, there is a full moon on that day and the Sun, Earth and Moon all come in a straight line. Due to this, there is a high probability of a lunar eclipse occurring on the full moon day itself.

In Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, there will be moonrise after the end of the full phase of the eclipse and a partial eclipse will be going on at that time. The duration from the time of moonrise to the end of the partial eclipse phase in these cities will be 50 minutes, 18 minutes, 40 minutes and 29 minutes respectively. The next lunar eclipse in India will occur on 28 October 2023, which will be a partial lunar eclipse. (from input language)

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