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Chandra Grahan: Do not do this work even by forgetting in a few eclipses, otherwise… know everything from Kashi’s astrologer

Report – Abhishek Jaiswal

Varanasi. On the day of Kartik Purnima, this time the last lunar eclipse of the year (Chandra Grahan) is taking place. Due to the lunar eclipse on November 8, this time Dev Deepawali will also be celebrated a day earlier. According to religious beliefs, any eclipse is not considered auspicious. At the same time, the place where the eclipse takes place has its effect. Apart from this, there is a direct effect of the lunar eclipse on the animals there. This is the reason why many works are forbidden during the eclipse.

Acharya Dhirendra Manishi, astrologer of Kashi and director of Kashika Astrological Research Center, said that the Sutak period begins 8 hours before the lunar eclipse. On Tuesday, 8th November, the Sutak period will be held eight hours before the eclipse which will take place at 5:10 pm i.e. from 8 in the morning. Acharya Dhirendra Manishi has also advised not to do many things.

Don’t forget to do this work
>> People should not take food during Sutak period. Apart from this, people should also avoid cooking it. This rule does not apply to children, old and sick people.
Apart from this, pregnant women should not cut vegetables during the Sutak period, as well as cutting and sewing clothes should be guarded by women.
>> Apart from this, it should be kept only after putting Kush and Tulsi in food, water and any food item. After the eclipse period is over, Tulsi leaves and Kush from all those foods should be consumed only.
>> People should not even sleep during the Sutak period, due to which the eclipse affects them badly.
>> Apart from this, chanting the mantra during sutak and eclipse period is also very fruitful. This reduces the ill effects of the eclipse.

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