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Cheated thousands on the pretext of making ‘Gigolo’, used to talk in woman’s voice to woo boys

New Delhi. Two persons have been arrested for duping thousands of youth searching for jobs online by luring them to work as ‘gigols’. Delhi Police gave this information on Wednesday. According to the police, both the accused have been arrested from Jaipur in Rajasthan. A senior police officer said, “One of the accused used to pose as an NRI female customer and used to speak in a female voice to lure the youth.”

DCP Devesh Mahala told that the accused Kuldeep Singh Charan (29) and Shyamlal (37) duped thousands of youths in the name of getting them jobs as gigolos. Police said that these people used to make those youth their victims who were looking for jobs online. These unemployed youths were first told about jobs, work and then the money they would get. To deceive the youth, one of the accused used to speak in a woman’s voice and used to call himself an NRI. Hearing the voice of the woman, the youth used to increase their trust in her. After this, they used to demand money from the youth saying things like registration, kit, hotel booking. The police officer said that both are being interrogated.

Delhi Police said that earlier in 2022 also 4 people who had committed similar fraud were arrested. These people used to talk about making youth gigolos by bluffing them and giving them huge salaries etc. The accused had presented themselves as advertisements on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and dating apps. These people had cheated more than 100 people in the last 2 years.

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