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Cheetahs brought from Namibia to Kuno in MP were the first victim, know from News18 why this is good news


Cheetahs brought to India from Namibia are healthy and fit
Doctors said- big news shifting in big enclosure
Cheetahs first victim, proved fitness

New Delhi. Two male cheetahs brought from Namibia to the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh have killed their first prey within 24 hours of being released into a large enclosure. This is great relief news. This hunt is being considered a big success as a step towards re-settlement of cheetahs in India. According to Chief Conservator of Forests Uttam Kumar Sharma, the cheetahs hunted a cheetal (spotted deer) on Sunday night or early Monday. He said the forest monitoring team had received information on Monday morning that it was the first hunting of a cheetah since it was shifted to India from Namibia.

Wildlife experts say that this is being considered a positive step towards the adaptation of cheetahs in India. However, some wildlife and conservation experts had earlier expressed concern over the “rarity” of the success of such operations.

‘Fear about ability to hunt away’
Cheetah – Freddie and Elton – were the first pair to be released into a large enclosure on Saturday after being separated from September 17. The successful first hunt by cheetahs within 24 hours of entering a larger enclosure has allayed park management’s concerns about their hunting potential. Chief Conservator of Forests Sharma said that cheetahs eat their prey within two hours of hunting. He said that two cheetahs were released from the quarantine zone on Saturday in a large enclosure spread over 98 hectares. There are plans to release the other six cheetahs in a phased manner as well, he said.

‘Beyond expectation, the concern is unfounded’
A forest official told The Indian Express that cheetahs were not expected to kill their first prey within 24 hours. This hunt shows that the cheetahs are fully fit and the concern about losing any of their muscle strength is unfounded.

PM Narendra Modi shared the news of leaving the cheetah in a big enclosure
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier shared the news of two cheetahs being released into a large enclosure for further adaptation. About three weeks ago, a forest official was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying that after the relocation of the cheetahs, eight Namibian cheetahs have adapted and adapted themselves well to their new home in the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, according to Eli Walker, a Namibian Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) expert, cheetahs are very comfortable. At the same time, JS Chauhan, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Wildlife, said that “Cheetahs have adapted very well to their new environment. They are in good health.”

towards the end of the quarantine
It is worth noting that out of 8 cheetahs, five are female and three are male, which were released on 17 September in the Dedicated Quarantine Zone by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the midst of a ceremony in the Kuno National Park. These cheetahs became extinct from India 70 years ago. It was the ceremony of the return of the cheetah. The age of the cheetahs that came to Kuno is said to be between the age group of 30-66 months. Cheetahs were declared extinct from the country 70 years ago. According to initial plans, the cheetahs named Freddy, Elton, Savannah, Sasha, Oban, Asha, Sibilli and Saysa were to be kept in quarantine for a month. Experts had said that as per international norms, wild animals should be kept in quarantine for a month to check the spread of any infection before and after their transfer to another country.

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