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Chhawla gang rape: High Court had told ‘animal’ while giving death sentence, now Supreme Court has acquitted, know what was said in the verdict

New DelhiThe Supreme Court on Monday acquitted the three convicts of the 2012 Chhawla gangrape in Delhi. The court also overturned the decision of the Delhi High Court in which he was sentenced to death. As soon as the accused were acquitted, the victim’s family was shattered. This decision, which came from the temple of justice, as if stunned the family. Father said- ‘It looks like justice has been sold in our case…’ Anamika’s (revenge name) mother has suffered the most. In the midst of all this, the question finally arises that on what basis did the Supreme Court of the country acquit the criminals who committed such a big crime. If these three did not do this misdeed with that daughter that night, then who is the murderer of this second Nirbhaya of Delhi. That in itself is a big question.

What did the Supreme Court say acquitted all three?
In the year 2012 in Delhi, similar cruelty was done to the girl of Uttarakhand like Nirbhaya. The victim’s family was hopeful that they would get justice. But the Supreme Court acquitted all the three convicts. The Supreme Court observed that the prosecution had failed to produce concrete evidence of the offense against the accused, hence this court was left with no option but to acquit the accused in this heinous crime case.

The Supreme Court observed that it may be true that if the accused involved in the heinous crime is not sentenced or if they are acquitted, there will be a kind of misery and despair in the society in general and the family of the victim in particular. However, the law does not permit the courts to punish the guilty on the basis of moral or suspicion alone. No conviction should be based on the mere opposition to the judgment or apprehension of condemnation. Courts should decide each case strictly according to the law on their own merits, without being influenced by any kind of external morality or pressure.

The family said- justice has been sold in our case
The victim’s mother was most shocked by this decision of the Supreme Court. Appealing to the public, the mother of the hopeless victim said, the whole society should gather and punish them (Ravi, Ravi and Vinod, who have been acquitted in the case). We got old by the thrashing of the courts and were left empty handed in the end. Whoever came with us came just like a passenger. No one joined together. So our justice remained incomplete. The mother further said with a heavy heart that ‘It is very sad news. We don’t know what to say. Now we are ashamed. I was shocked when I saw the ‘three convicts’ of my daughter in court. The setback caused by the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday seems even bigger than that.

The pain of the father has also come to the fore on this decision of the court. When the father, who had been expecting justice for 10 years, was disappointed, as if the pain of inner self came out. The father said with a faltering tongue that ‘I do not understand how the decision was reversed. Was the lower court, Delhi High Court wrong or now the Supreme Court of the country has not done justice to us? Looks like justice has been sold in our case…. Later, the father said so much that ‘As the night is getting closer, the mind is becoming more and more faded….’

Delhi Chhawla Gangrape: Acid on eyes and face, Supreme Court acquits the convicts of Chhawla gangrape
The father of the deceased ‘daughter’ works as a security guard in Delhi itself. But his earnings are not enough to maintain a family of 4 members. So the son got a private job after graduation. They have another daughter, who is doing computer course. Another reason for the despair of this family going through a severe financial crisis with a traumatic experience is also the lack of help.

What did the Delhi High Court say on this matter?
When the Chhawla gangrape case reached the Delhi High Court, the court had upheld the death sentence against the three convicts while giving its verdict. The trial court had in 2014 sentenced the three accused to death, terming the case as “rarest of rare”. Later, the Delhi High Court also upheld the death sentence by making a scathing remark. The High Court had said that these are predatory animals, which find prey on the streets.

Kidnap, gang rape, vandalism and then murder… Nirbhaya case-like cruelty, who are the three accused who got acquitted today
what happened to the girl that night

Nirbhaya-like cruelty was done to the victim. The investigation revealed that after the girl was gang-raped, her body was stained with cigarettes and hot iron. Acid was poured on the face and eyes. According to the police side, the victim was originally from Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. She lived in Chhawla area in Delhi. She was returning after work from the Cyber ​​City area of ​​Gurgaon on the day of the incident when she was abducted in a car by three men near her house. When the girl did not return home, her parents lodged a missing complaint. Three days later, the girl’s body was found in a rotten condition near Rewari in Haryana. Police arrested three people Ravi, Rahul and Vinod. The girl rejected Ravi’s marriage proposal, after which she along with friends carried out the incident.



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