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Chief Justice N.V. Ramana condemns media trial, calls it Kangaroo Court

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Chief Justice N.V. Ramana on Saturday took a jibe at electronic and social media trials, saying the media at times runs kangaroo courts on issues and even experienced judges find it difficult to decide.

Delivering the inaugural address on Laugh of a Judge at Justice SB Sinha Memorial Lecture organized by National University of Study and Research in Law in Ranchi, the Chief Justice spoke on the need to ensure proper judicial infrastructure, problems created by media examination, judicial administration , the future challenges of the judiciary and the importance of judicial review in preserving the Constitution.

Stating that we are living in a complex society, Ramana said that the role of a person holding a position in the judiciary or governance becomes extremely important as their decisions at critical junctures affect the growth and progress of humanity.

Pointing to the increasing number of media trials, he said, doing justice is not an easy responsibility. It is becoming challenging with each passing day. The new media tools have the potential to expand wider, but they are unable to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, and real and fake, he said. Media cannot be a guiding factor in deciding trial cases.

Condemning the partisan views appearing on social media, he said, “Misinformation and agenda driven debates on issues related to delivery of justice are proving to be detrimental to the health of democracy.” He further said that the partisan views propagated by the media are affecting the people, weakening the democracy and damaging the system. In the process, justice delivery is adversely affected. By going ahead with your responsibility, you are taking our democracy two steps back.


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