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China and Pakistan are getting trapped in India’s trap! Roads leading up to the border were made fast


China is ready to answer Pakistan, new roads of the Indian Army.
75 new projects prepared in the border states of the country.
Defense Minister will dedicate 44 bridges, 28 roads, 2 helipads and a zero carbon habitat to the nation.

New Delhi. On the one hand, China is constantly working hard to increase its strength on the LAC and LoC. For this, China is repairing the roads of Pakistan in PoK. On the other hand, India has also left no stone unturned in its preparations. In the last few years, India has accelerated the construction of the all-weather strategic road and is also building new bridges to enhance the connectivity of the roads leading to the border. According to India’s plan, a target has been set to build 272 roads to and from the border in the border state by 2023 and work for which is in progress.

By preparing a 256-km-long road till Durbuk Shyok Daulat Beg Oldi, India troubled China so much that it had to come to Glavan to peek at that road and then a period of tension started in eastern Ladakh. In the list of this construction, 75 new projects have also been prepared by India, which Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will dedicate to the country. These projects include 44 bridges, 28 roads, 2 helipads and a zero carbon habitat. Talking about the bridge, maximum 12 bridges have been built in Jammu and Kashmir, 7 in Ladakh, 3 in Himachal, 6 in Uttarakhand, 2 in Sikkim and 13 in Arunachal Pradesh.

Modi government built 2088.57 km road on India-China border
On the other hand, 6 roads are in Rajasthan, 1 in Punjab, 7 in Jammu and Kashmir, 8 in Ladakh, 2 in Sikkim and 4 in Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from this, 2 helipads have been built in Ladakh and a zero carbon zone has also been established in Ladakh. In the last five years, the work of building roads in the border areas has been done at a rapid pace. According to the information given by the government in the house, 2088.57 km of roads have been built on the India-China border in five years. Similarly, 1336.09 km of roads on the India-Pakistan border have been built within five years.

China working hard to build roads near the border
Apart from this, 151.15 km of roads have been built on the Indo-Myanmar border and 19.25 km of roads have been prepared on the Indo-Bangladesh border. At the same time, China is busy laying a network of roads in the whole of Tibet. After fearing that India’s access to Aksai Chin would be easier due to India’s DSDBO road, it has made preparations to build a new highway G695. This second highway from Aksai China will come very close to the LAC. Since road construction in high altitude areas and especially in border areas is challenging in different ways. But despite all the miseries of Kovid and weather, the work of the Indian Army continued.

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