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China Taiwan Crisis: ‘China is India’s biggest enemy, against it…’, RSS leader warned amid Dragon’s strictness on Taiwan

New Delhi: In the midst of China’s continued strictness on Taiwan, senior RSS pracharak Indresh Kumar described China as the biggest enemy of the country and said that the whole country will have to be determined against it. He warned that if it is not fought tightly against it on every front, then it will turn towards India after swallowing Taiwan and Nepal. If India became his slave, it would be a more dangerous situation than the East India Company and the Mughals. It will take more than two and a half thousand years for the country to become independent from this.

Indresh Kumar, Chief Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch and Bhartiya Suraksha Jagran Manch Janpath was addressing a cyber warfare based workshop by Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch (Fans) at Ambedkar International Center in New Delhi. Indresh Kumar said, ‘Today the methods of warfare are changing. In this, the world of the Internet is being used as a weapon. When we are fighting a huge global challenge like cyber crime, every information becomes important.

‘China’s expansionist policies continue’

He said that China’s expansionist policies continue. Despite India’s strong objections, in the name of protecting its people, it has made the presence of its troops in the border of Pakistan near the Line of Control (LoC). Due to which the attack will be easy till Jammu and Kashmir. He said that China’s propaganda war against India with economic and cyber war continues. This war is being fought on many fronts simultaneously.

Indresh Kumar said that in the economic war, measures like strictness and restrictions on goods produced from China and supplying raw materials to them have been controlled. It has been excluded from the telecommunications project along with national highways and defence. That’s why we were saved from the bankruptcy situation of Sri Lanka by coming under the clutches of China, but the cyber war is still going on.

‘With every question comes its answer’

Referring to the sensitivity of the use of the Internet, he said that it is a law of nature that with every question there is an answer. The policy of acting on any information received played a big role in eliminating terrorism in the Kashmir Valley. Today the methods of warfare are changing. In this, the world of the Internet is being used as a weapon. When we are fighting a huge global challenge like cyber crime, every information becomes important.

He said that cases like instigating Muslim society to create an atmosphere of hatred in the country, instigating the migration of poor laborers during the time of Corona and making the village and the city fight among themselves were seen, in which he had to take the support of the people here as well. found. From countries like America, Britain, Australia, Nigeria and Canada, through internet-based media, posts are being spoiled by the environment of the country. The Sangh Pracharak said that these attacks will increase further. For this, the waist will have to be tight. To save the country from these cyber crimes along with the people of the country, a large number of “Cyber ​​Sangram Fighters” will be required. For this the youth will have to come forward along with the experts.

It is necessary to win the cyber war: Energy Minister RK Singh
Addressing the session of the program, Union Energy Minister RK Singh said that at a time when the country is celebrating ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, the need for discussion on topics like cyber crime and data law protection has increased. The bill related to data law protection will be brought again with some amendments. He discussed the days he spent as Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Also, referring to an incident, he said that when he came to this government, an incident happened in Myanmar where terrorists were attacked, but later morphed the photo of the Rohingya killed and some in the form of a photo of Buddhists. Anti-social elements had tried to spoil the atmosphere of the country by spreading.

Participating in the discussion, General Secretary, Rashtriya Jagran Suraksha Manch, Golok Vihari Rai said that the world of cyber is becoming the basis of development on one hand and on the other hand it has also become a big challenge. Therefore, there is a need for a comprehensive discussion on this topic. He further said, ‘Cyber ​​crimes have emerged as a major threat to the happiness and peace of the people as well as to the internal security of the country. Cybercrime has also affected international relations. Today a new word like cyber war has been added to the traditional methods of warfare. The misuse of cyber has to be controlled at all costs. The power of cyber in India is immense, but it needs to be regulated.


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