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Chintpurni Tushar murder case: Migrants vacate slums, packed belongings and went to Punjab

Brajeshwar Saki

Dehra. (Kangra). In Rehi village of Gangot panchayat of Dehra sub-division of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, the shanties of the migrants were vacated and their belongings were returned to them. During this, Sourav Parashar, deputy head of Gangot Panchayat, was present on the occasion.

Actually, after the murder of Tushar Garg in Chintpurni area, there was tension here and people burnt the slums of the migrants. In the police investigation, it was revealed that some migrant people were involved in this incident.

Chintpurni area of ​​Una district is on the border of Kangra district. There is a temple of Mata Chintpurni here and devotees from other states come here. Many migrants are staying here in slums in connection with work. After the Tushar murder case, the atmosphere in Chintpurni area had become tense. The migrants had thought it appropriate to vacate the slums from here. Some migrants could not even carry their belongings. In Rehi, where the migrants removed their belongings, a shanty was also burnt due to fire, after which the land owners talked to the migrants on the phone and asked them to take their belongings from here. On Sunday, the migrants reached Chintpurni around 11:00 am and collected the belongings kept inside their shanties and put them in a trolley and took them to Amritsar Punjab.

These people told that they are returning to their state Punjab. Now Chintpurni will not come back. Sourav Parashar, deputy head of Gangot Panchayat, said that on Sunday morning, in the presence of him and the land owners, the goods kept inside the slums were returned by the Punjabi migrants. After these people refused to stay in this area, they were asked to take back their belongings, after which these people took back their belongings.

what is the whole matter

In fact, on October 19, 2022, Tushar, son of a wholesale trader, was shot dead by unknown robbers in broad daylight in Panchayat Gangot of Kangra district, adjacent to the religious place Chintpurni. The accused 6 robbers had entered the house with the intention of looting, in which four had revolvers. They took hostage the lady of the family living on the first floor on rent and later took hostage the family of the wholesale trader. When Tushar, the young man of the family, came to know about this incident, he bravely tried to catch the robbers by risking his life, in which one of the robbers fell down and got injured. When the robber was injured, the other robber fired at the young man and he died. The accused have been arrested in the case.

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