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Churu: Kilkari echoed in moving public transport bus, pregnant female passenger gave birth to a baby girl

Naresh Pareek

Churu. A pregnant woman traveling in a bus in Churu district of Rajasthan has given birth to a baby girl in a moving bus. The incident took place between Sawai and Bandhanu village of Sardarshahr tehsil here. Mother’s brother Jagdish Nayak told that two days ago my sister Sundar Devi (22 years) was declared a TB patient in the medical examination. It was told by the doctors in Nohar to take them to Bikaner and get them treated. After this we left for Bikaner with her, my sister was seven months pregnant. After walking a short distance from Sardarshahr, near the village Sawai, my sister suddenly suffered labor pain and after walking a short distance she gave birth to a baby girl in a moving public transport bus.

Bus driver showed intelligence

After the delivery of the female passenger in the moving bus, the driver, while being careful and showing understanding, did not stop the bus at any bus stand and immediately rushed it to the primary health center of Bhadasar. Here Dr Sonu Mali and ANM poet Meena started the treatment of the woman and the girl child. When the mother’s blood was examined, she also found lack of blood. After giving birth to the girl child in seven months by the maternity, her weight is about one kilo less than the normal.

Mother and child were referred to Bikaner

Doctor Sonu Mali told that at present the condition of the mother and child is out of danger, but the woman is deficient in blood and the baby’s weight is also one kilo less than normal. Normally the baby should be 2.5 kg at the time of birth, but she is only one and a half kg. He is being referred to Bikaner by ambulance for better treatment. According to the doctor, normally women give birth to a child after nine months of pregnancy, but the baby is born at seven months of pregnancy. There is a lack of blood in the woman, due to which the doctors have referred the woman and the girl to Bikaner.

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