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City of tents started settling in Bareilly, Chaubari fair will be held on Ramganga coast, ban on these 2 things

Report – Ansh Kumar Mathur

Bareilly. The decoration of Ramganga beach in Bareilly has started. The preparations for the Chaubari fair to be held on the occasion of Kartik Purnima are also going on in full swing. For cleanliness in the fair, this time more than two hundred sanitation workers have been deployed in the Ramganga Mela premises. At the same time, the work of setting up circus, hammocks and shops for the fair has also started. Especially the cobweb market is also being decorated. Let us tell you that outside stone traders set up shops in the fair. Apart from this, the pits in the roads leading to the fair are being filled with stones, so that the way can be made easy.

The main bath of this Kartik Purnima will be on November 8. While the ghats are being leveled by JCB for bathing in the fair, tents and shops have started being set up in the Chaubari fair as well. This time a large number of boatmen have reached the ghat with boats to make the devotees boating in Ramganga this time. This time the district administration has also made arrangements for better water level for bathing in the Ganges at Chaubari fair.

Security arrangements will remain in the city of tents
A large number of devotees gather on the banks of Ramganga in the Chaubari fair held on Kartik Purnima. In view of this, heavy police force will be deployed in the fair premises. Along with this, diver and PAC force will also be deployed by the police administration. A temporary post is being constructed at Ramganga Ghat for security. Along with this a temporary hospital is also being built. The same fire department teams and their vehicles will also be present in the fair premises.

ramganga chaubari fair will be plastic free
Ramganga Chaubari Mela has been kept completely plastic free this time too. The use of plastic will be completely banned in the fair. People from nearby districts and villages including Shahjahanpur, Pilibhit, Badaun arrive to participate in the Chaubari fair of Bareilly. Many people stay in the fair complex itself. In such a situation, people live here by making tents. People from many districts are also setting up stalls of chaat, dumplings, jalebi etc. in the fair. This time according to the new mandate, villagers will not be able to come by tractor trolley to attend the fair. After the accident in Kanpur in the past, the government has banned such travel.

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