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CJI Chandrachud said on media trial, said – the impression created by it convicts the person before the court

New Delhi. Chief Justice DY Chandrachud said on Wednesday that media trials can have long-term consequences as it creates a perception that makes a person guilty in the eyes of the public even before the courts decide. Chief Justice Chandrachud was addressing the 16th Ramnath Goenka Award function here as the chief guest. He also said that responsible journalism is like a beacon of truth which can show us the way to a better tomorrow. On the dangers of media trial, he said, ‘One of the major issues in our system is trial by media. A person is innocent until the court finds him guilty. This is an important aspect of the legal process.

“However, there have been instances when the media created a narrative that made the person guilty in the eyes of the public even before the court had convicted him,” he said. This can have long-term consequences on the lives of those affected and on due process. In the context of responsible journalism, he said, ‘It is like the engine that takes democracy forward and which is based on the search for truth, justice and equality. When we are dealing with the challenges of the digital age, it becomes all the more important that journalists maintain standards of accuracy, objectivity and responsibility in their reporting.

Social media has been a game changer for journalists in more ways than one
He also said that it is essential for media organizations to have diverse and representative newsrooms that feature well-researched news stories with diverse perspectives and voices. Regarding legal journalists, the Chief Justice said that they tell the story of the judicial system by throwing light on the intricacies of the law. However, the selective quoting of judges’ speeches and judgments by journalists in India is a matter of concern, he added. This modus operandi has a tendency to distort public understanding on important legal issues.’ Chief Justice Chandrachud said that social media has been a game changer for journalists in many ways and online platforms have given them opportunities to start their own channels.

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