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Closer to BJP… PM Modi’s ‘Hanuman’ will return to NDA! Why are two uncles restless in Bihar?

Will there be another political change in Bihar? Is Chirag Paswan getting closer to BJP? Can Chirag have a reconciliation with his uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras too? All these questions have arisen at a time when Chirag Paswan is looking closer to the BJP for the last few days. He had openly supported the BJP during the by-elections to the two assembly seats that just ended in Bihar.

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However, on his return home, Chirag Paswan has always been saying that his alliance with NDA was broken in Bihar and that too because of Nitish Kumar, whereas in Delhi the alliance with NDA was never broken. After the death of his father Ram Vilas Paswan, when uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras broke the party and joined the central government, Chirag was never an attacker on the central government. He continued to praise Narendra Modi and also kept distance from opposition parties. Nitish remained his target in Bihar too. Even in the Bihar assembly elections, he fought separately from the NDA, but he also described himself as the Hanuman of Narendra Modi in the election.

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BJP also in the mood for reconciliation
On the other hand, BJP believes that Chirag Paswan should reconcile with his uncle. Its way has always been open. BJP wants to reconcile the two. At the same time, for the last few days, there are constant discussions about reshuffle in the Union Cabinet. In this, there is a possibility of Chirag also joining the government, while after separating from Chirag, his uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras was made a minister at the Center. But after Nitish Kumar’s separation from BJP in Bihar, now the equations have changed. BJP is also now feeling the need of a lamp in Bihar, so Chirag Paswan also has limited options now.

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What will happen to Paras?
In such a situation, the question arises that what will happen to Pashupati Kumar Paras? BJP would not like to ignore them completely. The important reason behind this is that Paras has been close to Nitish Kumar. When Paras broke Chirag’s party and joined NDA, then Nitish Kumar’s hand was considered in this. When Nitish Kumar left the BJP, there was curiosity about the next move of Pashupati Paras’ faction. But BJP was successful in persuading him.

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Will Paras now consider Chirag as his leader again?
In the political situation in Bihar, BJP has no option to take the risk of losing anything. In such a situation, the ideal situation for him would be that both uncle and nephew should be together. However, the question is whether now Paras will consider Chirag as his leader again, while Nitish can assure him of giving him a better political option? The answer will also be found when Chirag directly announces that he will formally join the NDA.



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