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CM Nitish will beat PM Modi, Tejashwi Yadav will become ‘Bairam Khan’ of Bihar’s politics

Patna: There have been three greats in the world, see the coincidence that the names of all three start with the English letter A. First Ashoka the Great, second Akbar the Great and third Alexander the Great. But the basis of this news being written on Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav is related to the story of ‘Bairam Khan the Great’. The person who was not a emperor in the reign of Akbar, but his status was not less than that. Why are we saying that Tejashwi will become Bairam Khan of Bihar’s politics, for that you have to see the history of Bairam Khan. It has to be known that how does one become emperor without a crown?

Story of Bairam Khan
This story begins on January 24, 1556, on the same day Emperor Humayun fell while descending the stairs of his library. The injured Humayun died three days later on 27 January. When Humayun died, his son, who would later become The Great, Jalaluddin Akbar was only 13 years old. The big thing is that he was not with his father at that time but was in Kalanaur camp in Punjab. During this time, many emperors started playing tricks to capture the throne. But at the same time Bairam Khan’s entry took place. He was the most important courtier of Humayun.
Along with Nitish, Tejashwi also has his mission 2024, will be stunned to read ‘Prophecy’ with ‘automatic CM’
Bairam Khan means the uncrowned king
Bairam Khan crowned Akbar on 14 February 1556 at Kalanaur itself. 13-year-old Akbar became the emperor, but until his youth, Bairam Khan was in power. Just think that the uncrowned king. Not only this, Abul Fazl has mentioned in Ain-Akbari that at that time Bairam Khan had got Khan-i-Khana, the highest position of the Mughal Sultanate. There was no separate responsibility with this position, but the one who had this position held a place after the emperor in the Sultanate. And at that time, Akbar was a child, so the emperor was in a way Bairam Khan.
The game of Nitish, Sarkar Mahagathbandhan and the lamp has been set, if played, it will happen now!
Now know the story of Tejashwi
The latest situation of Tejashwi Yadav is also somewhat similar to Bairam Khan. Especially in 2024, history may repeat itself. This will be the time when Nitish will leave Bihar’s politics and move on to the center’s election campaign. But during this time it will be Tejashwi to play the trick on the political chess of Bihar. Let’s say Taj is of Nitish, Raj is of Tejashwi. Tejashwi Bairam Khan has already started preparing to appear in the role. Suddenly he leaves for surprise inspection at night. After this, he directly reaches PMCH and red handed catches the plight of the facilities. Reprimands doctors and nurses missing from duty. After this, a deadline of 60 days is also given to fix the situation. When Nitish goes to Delhi from above, he first makes an appearance in Lalu’s court and even after coming, he reaches there first.




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