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CM Pinarayi Vijayan on the target of JP Nadda, said – Kerala became a stronghold of terrorism, daughter-son-in-law’s interference in the government


JP Nadda said – Kerala government silently supporting those who commit violence
University jobs being given to relatives associated with CM’s office- Nadda’s allegation

Thiruvananthapuram. Bharatiya Janata Party president JP Nadda on Monday claimed that Kerala has now become a ‘bastion’ of terrorism and anarchic elements and life is not safe here. Nadda also targeted Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and said that his family is also getting involved in government affairs. He also claimed that the Left has also allegedly become a victim of family or ‘dynastic rule’, as daughters and sons-in-law have also been seen interfering in the government.

Nadda had alleged in Kottayam a day earlier that the opposition parties are all state or regional parties and most of them are “family based parties”. Referring to the rally of opposition parties that had gathered in Haryana to celebrate the birth anniversary of former Chief Minister Devi Lal, he had said that ‘all of them gathered at a rally of opposition leaders in Haryana to celebrate Devi Lal’s birth anniversary. Two things are in common for them. One is that they are all family parties and secondly that they are all deeply engrossed in corruption.

A day before, ‘dynastic parties’ were targeted
He also cited the example of ‘dynastic parties’ in various states and said that the BJP is fighting these ‘dynasty based highly corrupt’ parties to save democracy. During his speech in the state capital on Monday, he referred to the law and order situation in the state and alleged that communal tension was rising. The tacit support of the Left government to those who create and promote violence is a serious issue.

Kerala government silently supporting the perpetrators of violence
He said state-sponsored anarchy is also a reason for booth-level BJP workers to reach out to the people and inform them about the governance situation in Kerala. It has become a stronghold. It has also become a stronghold of chaotic elements. Life is not safe here. Ordinary citizens do not feel safe. Communal tension is on the rise and there is tacit support of the government to those who create and promote violence.

Jobs in the university being given to relatives associated with CM’s office
He also later inaugurated an office of the BJP District Committee in Thiruvananthapuram. He also alleged in the meeting of booth officials that appointments in Kerala universities were being done on the basis of nepotism. He said- ‘We have been told that the relatives of those involved in the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) are being appointed in universities.

State government reducing the powers of Lokayukta
Nadda also referred to the controversial bill passed by the Kerala Assembly regarding the powers of the Lokayukta and alleged that the state government was trying to dilute the powers of the Lokayukta. He alleged that “they are trying to ensure that the CMO does not come under the ambit of the Lokayukta. This is what is happening”. Repeated the allegations, which has pushed Kerala into a debt trap.

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