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Compensation to the families of the victims of death due to spurious liquor soon, the minister told the time


Families of victims of death due to spurious liquor in Bihar will get compensation.
Alcohol Prohibition Minister of Nitish government told the time of compensation distribution.

Patna. Liquor ban law is the dream project of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. There is complete prohibition in Bihar, liquor can neither be made legally nor sold legally. Despite this, everyone in Bihar consumes alcohol illegally. People even swallow poison in a bottle of liquor. Many people in the state have died by drinking spurious liquor so far. After the death due to drinking poison in the name of alcohol, the family members of those who died often face the problem of earning their livelihood. In such a situation, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced a compensation of four lakhs to him. However, the process of giving compensation has not yet been completed.

Please tell that despite this announcement made in last April, no one has been given compensation till now. In this regard, Prohibition and Excise Minister Sunil Kumar has said on Wednesday that those who have died after consuming spurious liquor will have to wait for one more week. The minister said that the family members of those whose post-mortem has been conducted and the report has recorded the consumption of alcohol, will be provided compensation within a week. Along with this, the minister has also said that on what basis compensation should be given to the relatives of those whose bodies have been disposed of without post-mortem, it has not been decided yet. He told that when the families of such victims will get compensation, this situation is not clear yet.

The minister said that in such a situation, the district administration will give permission to give compensation to them only after investigation. But, after April 17, compensation will be given to the relatives of only those people whose post-mortem has been done. The minister said that compensation has not been given to anyone so far and the process of investigation is going on.

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The minister said that there will be no problem in giving compensation to the relatives of the dead whose post-mortem has been done, but it will take some time to give compensation to those whose bodies have been disposed of without post-mortem. The minister said that such cases are being investigated and some problems are coming. The district administration will investigate such cases and solve the problem of compensation as has already been decided.

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