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Conflict with the center or love from the opposition? Mamata will meet DMK chief Stalin in Chennai, heat politics

WB Politics: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is likely to meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) President MK Stalin in Chennai and discuss the Lok Sabha elections 2024. An official has given this information on Tuesday. Banerjee will visit Chennai on Wednesday as West Bengal Governor L Ganesan has invited her for her elder brother’s birthday on November 3.

The official said that soon after reaching Chennai on November 2, Mamata Banerjee is likely to meet Stalin at his camp office. Mamta is likely to stay in Chennai for one night. Trinamool Congress supremo Banerjee is also likely to meet several top Tamil Nadu leaders, who are likely to attend Ganesan’s family function, the official said.

Mamta will meet Stalin, political rhetoric begins

Expressing apprehension over the outcome of the meeting with top Tamil Nadu leaders and Stalin, opposition party leaders have questioned Banerjee going to Chennai with taxpayers’ money to attend the “temporary” governor’s family function. La Ganesan has held the charge of Governor of Manipur as well as West Bengal since July 18, 2022, after the NDA nominated Jagdeep Dhankhar as the Vice President.

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Congress said – Mamta is looking for her lost credibility

West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has described Banerjee’s visit as “a way to restore her tarnished reputation in Indian politics.” “I don’t understand the reason,” Chaudhary told PTI. Why is Banerjee going to Chennai for the birthday party of someone in the Governor’s family? I think this is a way to improve relations with the central government so that West Bengal does not get a governor like Jagdeep Dhankhar again.

On the reason for the meeting between Banerjee and DMK President Stalin, the Congress leader said, “Didi (Banerjee) knows that her credibility in national politics has been lost. He has held such meetings with many leaders in the past, but all failed miserably. That is why he has planned this so-called meeting with Stalin. I see it as his attempt to regain his lost credibility in national politics.

CPI(M)’s allegation – Mamta is running on the demand of employment

CPI(M) leader Sujan Chakraborty also questioned Banerjee’s visit to Chennai and said it was just an excuse to leave Bengal at a time when people are protesting demanding jobs. Chakraborty told PTI, “I do not understand the logic that the Chief Minister is going to attend a birthday party in the Governor’s family with taxpayers’ money. In fact, she is running away from the state because the candidates are protesting here demanding employment. She doesn’t care about it and she is running away from the truth.

BJP said – a meeting of meaningless

Senior BJP leader in the state, Rahul Sinha, has the same views on Banerjee’s visit to Chennai as the CPI(M). He says that this meeting between Banerjee and Stalin is meaningless. Sinha told PTI/Bhasha, “She went to Goa, Tripura and Assam and did not find anything anywhere. The issue here is that the Trinamool Congress is not relevant outside Bengal. She can roam the country, but nothing is going to help her.

He said Banerjee should see her party in Bengal before meeting Stalin and others.

Mamta again said that in 2024 ‘khela hobe’ will happen

However, Banerjee has not given up her hopes of forming an anti-BJP front before the general elections in 2024. At a TMC rally in September, she claimed that she would join hands with other opposition and regional leaders to defeat the BJP in 2024. “All opposition parties will join hands to defeat the BJP. We will all be on one side and BJP on the other. BJP’s arrogance of 300 seats will be its nemesis, ‘khela hobe’ will happen in 2024.”

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