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Congress insulted tribal culture, community will teach party a lesson: PM


PM Modi did a road show in Tapi area.
addressed to the tribal community.
Assembly elections are to be held at the end of December.

Vyara (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the Congress of making fun of tribal traditions and culture and said the people of the community will not forget the “insult” and will “teach a lesson” to the party. Addressing a rally after inaugurating and laying foundation stones of various projects at Vyara in Gujarat’s tribal-dominated Tapi district, the Prime Minister also alleged that the previous Congress governments never took steps to improve the condition of the tribal people as they were only Focused on winning the election. Modi said that pucca houses with electricity and gas connections to the tribals, road connectivity, schools for the children of the community, among other things are top priority of his government.

The prime minister is on a two-day visit from Wednesday to his home state of Gujarat, where assembly elections are due in late December. He said that at present the tribal daughter Draupadi Murmu is the President of the country and the tribal son Mangubhai Patel as the Governor of Madhya Pradesh. The Prime Minister said, “You have seen the earlier governments. Compare the Congress governments of the past with the present governments led by BJP in different states. Congress led governments never thought about your future and they worked only to win elections. They used to make false promises before the elections, but they would forget after the elections.

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On the other hand, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government has given top priority to the development of the country’s tribal community, Modi said. Addressing the tribal people, he said, “I would like to tell you that your ancestors faced a lot of difficulties, but now you are facing less difficulties because of our work. Now we want to ensure that your children do not face such difficulties in future. If I used to wear a tribal turban or jacket in any function, they used to make fun of me. I want to tell the Congress that the tribal people will never forget the insult to their customs and traditions and they will teach you a lesson.

He said that wherever the BJP is in power, the governments led by it have given top priority to tribal welfare. “My tribal brothers and sisters should have their own pucca house with electricity, gas connection, toilet, road leading to the house, a medical center nearby, source of income and a school for the children,” he said. The Prime Minister said that when these youths were born 20-25 years ago, the entire tribal area from Umargam to Ambaji had very few schools and hardly proper facilities for the study of science.

“Around 4,000 schools in tribal taluks will be modernized under the ‘Mission School of Excellence’, inaugurated yesterday in Gujarat. It is our resolve to make tribal society completely free from the problem of malnutrition. That’s why the central government has started a big ‘Poshan Abhiyan’ through which thousands of rupees are being given to help mothers get nutritious food during pregnancy.

Modi said that in the last 7-8 years the budgetary allocation for the welfare of tribals has increased more than three times. The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of several development initiatives worth over Rs 1,970 crore at Vyara. from Saputara ‘Statue of Unity’ Along with improving the road till now, the foundation stone of many other construction works was laid. Other projects whose foundation stone was laid include water supply projects worth over Rs 300 crore in Tapi and Narmada districts.

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