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Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu speaks for the first time on billions of rupees seized in IT raid

Image Source : PTI
Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu.

There is discussion in the whole country about the income tax raid on Jharkhand businessman and Congress MP in Rajya Sabha Dheeraj Sahu. Income Tax Department has recovered more than Rs 300 crore cash from Dheeraj Sahu’s house. BJP is continuously attacking Congress on this issue. However, now MP Dheeraj Sahu has come in front of the media for the first time and presented his side in this matter. Let us know what MP Dheeraj Sahu said in his defence.

The money is from my firm – Dheeraj Sahu

Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu said that what is happening today makes me sad. I can accept that the money recovered belongs to my firm. The cash that has been recovered belongs to my liquor firms, it is from the sale of liquor. This money has nothing to do with Congress or any other political party, as is being said. Sahu said that all the money is not mine, it belongs to my family and other related firms. He said that the Income Tax Department has just conducted a raid, I will give account of everything.

My heart is hurt – Dheeraj Sahu
On the recovery of cash worth billions of rupees, Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu said that I have been in active politics for almost 30-35 years and this is the first incident that has happened to me and it has hurt my heart. He said that I am forced to give information about myself and my family, Income Tax has raided, I will give full account of it.

Father used to help the poor a lot
Dheeraj Sahu said that our father used to help the poor a lot, did social service, we have opened many schools and colleges. I am deeply saddened by what is happening. Sahu said that he has been in the liquor business for almost 100 years and he did not pay much attention to business except politics. He said that the family members do business.

Liquor business money seized

Dheeraj Sahu said that the money that has been seized is the money of our liquor business. Whatever business we do is transparent. This money is not related to Congress Party or anyone else. He said that wherever liquor is sold, it is sold in cash. This is completely my company’s money. There is nothing to hide in this, Income Tax has raided, I will give all the accounts. Dheeraj Sahu also said that wait for a few more days, I will tell you many things, I will give you all the information.

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