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Congress needs a manager, not a president

Ved Pratap Vaidik

Whatever the Congress MLAs of Rajasthan have done, I do not remember that there has ever been such a rebellion in any political party in India. You can call it a rebellion, but in reality it is the concoction of internal democracy in the political parties of India. Almost all political parties in India have become private limited companies in the last few decades. Internal democracy in our political parties has come to an end. Most of these parties have become mother-son party, brother-brother party, father-son party, husband-wife party or aunt-nephew party. In all India and even more regional parties of the country, the will of the leader is considered as party law. The intention of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to make Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot as Congress President and Sachin Pilot as the Chief Minister is now hanging in the balance.

desire for both positions

Gehlot had no hesitation in becoming the Congress President. He was ready to hold this crown of thorns on his head but wanted the Chief Minister to remain as well. But as soon as he reached Kerala, Rahul Gandhi chanted the mantra of ‘one person, one post’ in the Congress. What would poor Gehlot do? He sat silently, but his supporters 92 MLAs defied their central leaders. He boycotted the meeting of MLAs called by party representatives from Delhi. He neither had any grievance with these representatives nor is he an opponent of Sonia or Rahul. He has said that these representatives had come to impose Sachin Pilot on us as the Chief Minister. That is why we submitted our resignations to the Speaker. The party representatives who went from Delhi to Jaipur have submitted their report to the party president, accusing three MLAs of indiscipline. Notices have been sent to all three.

demand of democracy

If in a democracy every decision is taken by majority then what is the fault of these Congress MLAs of Rajasthan? How can it be termed as indiscipline what they are supporting with a thumping majority i.e. more than three-fourths? If these MLAs had left their party and joined some other party, then that extreme act of theirs would also have been considered constitutional. The anti-defection law also allows that. There is no doubt that these Congress MLAs of Rajasthan have not blindly imitated their two top leaders, but by implementing their independent opinion, they have given a message to the workers of all the parties of the country that there is no need to impose the desired people from above. The era is over.

Now the Congress-led position has become strange. He doesn’t understand what to do. There are several aspects to his dilemma and confusion:

  • A big question is whether Gehlot should be made Congress-President now or not. If he is made Congress-President, who will be made the Chief Minister of Rajasthan?
  • On the other hand, the MLAs who have resigned are asking that if the election of Congress-President is to be held on October 17, then what is the need for Gehlot to resign from the post of Chief Minister 20 days before that?
  • The question is also that why is the Congress-leadership assuming that Gehlot will win the election? If he wins, he will automatically resign from the post of Chief Minister. Do Sonia Gandhi and Rahul suspect that Gehlot may try to run after becoming president, saying that he will continue in both the posts? If yes, then after becoming the president, he can do arbitrary in many other ways. What will be his treatment?
  • But it is also that if earlier a person could hold both the post of Prime Minister and Congress President simultaneously then why can’t a Chief Minister hold the post of Congress President now?

Amidst all these questions, the rebel MLAs are firm on their point that none of the people who tried to overthrow the Gehlot government in 2020 with Sachin Pilot, should not be made the Chief Minister. The representatives of the Center who were sent to Jaipur, they had to talk openly to all the MLAs collectively, and not call each and every MLA and blow Delhi in his ear.

In the midst of this uproar, Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo’ journey has gone marginalized. ‘Congress Jodo’ has become a real issue. Rahul Gandhi gave the slogan of ‘one man, one post’ from Kerala. Now both man and position are hanging in the air. The dialogue between the Congress-President and Gehlot is still going on. But there is an apprehension that now the search for a new name for the post of President has started. In fact, Congress doesn’t even need a president. Its owners need some obedient manager. Dozens of people are ready for that. The events in Rajasthan have created a fear that an experienced, humble and popular leader like Gehlot might become the real president?

what will legislators do

If Gehlot is neither able to become the President nor remain the Chief Minister, then the condition of Rajasthan-Congress will be the same as that of Punjab Congress. Either the Congress MLAs will form a new party or join the BJP or resign and create a new election. The Congress is caught in a similar dilemma in Karnataka and Chhattisgarh as well. This courage of the MLAs of Rajasthan has not only sounded the bugle of internal democracy in our parties, they have also added to the reputation of Gehlot. Whether Gehlot becomes the party president or not and whether he remains the chief minister or not, he has definitely become a superhero.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.



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