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Congress President Election: So will Shashi Tharoor prove to be the new ‘Jitendra Prasad’? Party repeating story like 22 years ago

New Delhi. There is turmoil in the organization after the nomination for the post of Congress’s national president, but the party’s leader’s support for the presidential candidate Shashi Tharoor was seen to be lacking. As the nomination process began, the difference between the two contenders was clear, while most Congress leaders did not want to be seen with Tharoor. The support of the leaders was seen with Kharge along with the nomination. It was like 22 years ago when Jitendra Prasad filed his nomination against the official candidate for president. In front was Sonia Gandhi. Kharge this time. So is Shashi Tharoor proving to be the new Jitendra Prasad?

Bread pakora and tea are the main things for journalists at the Congress headquarters for any major event. A ‘treat’ presented by the media department of the Grand Old Party and it is the many cups of tea and pakodas that have been witness to the changes, ups and downs in the Congress. Friday was no different. The election for the post of the party’s president was being held after 20 years and the party felt that history was being made, although in the process several changes were revealed in the power equations. Firstly, the way both the nominations were filed, Shashi Tharoor was very special in itself. Unsurprisingly, he arrived with ‘Band, Baaja and Ek Choti Baraat’. There was no one in the high command to welcome him and no senior leader greeted him. Among the recognized faces who supported him were Karti Chidambaram, Salman Soz and Sandeep Dixit.

Shashi Tharoor went straight to the nomination room. As soon as he came out, only media persons came to him. Soon Tharoor got into his car and left to address the press conference and issue a manifesto. When his manifesto sparked controversy over a map showing Jammu and Kashmir inappropriately, the Congress distanced itself saying it was up to Tharoor and his team to clarify and correct the discrepancy.

Some like Kumari Selja told News18- ‘Tharoor should back down in the fitness of things’ This was an idea that was echoed by many, but surprisingly it was the G23 ‘disgruntled group’ which had led the election and Pushing for transparency in electoral rolls, he removed Tharoor, who was also a signatory of the original G23 letter. Tharoor’s G-23 colleagues Manish Tewari and Anand Sharma were seen supporting Kharge.

As soon as leaders like Salman Khurshid, Rajeev Shukla, Kumari Selja and Ashok Gehlot came, the way was clear. The stage was ready for Kharge. Clarifying who was the ‘chosen one’. Juice and tea were served to all the waiting leaders and they were told how to support Kharge while filing his nominations. It was clear that the dice had been rolled in Kharge’s favour. When he came in a car with Digvijay Singh and Deepender Hooda as his co-passengers. Mukul Wasnik and several other leaders were already present at the Congress office to welcome him. Kharge was not accompanied by a band or drums, but the veteran leader didn’t really need it then.

As soon as the nomination process started, the difference between the two contenders was clear. While most of the Congress leaders did not want to be seen with Tharoor. The leaders filed their nominations with Kharge. The story of welcoming everyone to contest elections was a myth, so would it be a revamp of Jitendra Prasad’s story where he was never trusted to fight against an official candidate 22 years ago. Then there was Sonia Gandhi, now there is Mallikarjun Kharge. So is Tharoor the new offering?

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