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Congress President’s election became a suspense thriller, Gehlot’s announcement of withdrawing from the race, now the Rajasthan CM’s chair will remain or will it go?

New Delhi : The election of Congress President has turned into a suspense thriller film. Now the new twist in the story is that former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh will also contest the election of the President. He bought the paper for it on Thursday. Then the question arose that what would happen to Gehlot? But after meeting Sonia Gandhi in the afternoon, Ashok Gehlot made it clear that he would not contest the election of Congress President. Now the suspense is whether Gehlot, who was out of the Congress President’s race, will survive or go to the Rajasthan CM’s chair? When he came out after meeting with Sonia, the tension was clearly visible on his face. The interesting thing is that till a few days ago, he was considered to be the Congress President.

Gehlot apologizes to Sonia, announces not to contest presidential election
When Ashok Gehlot came out after meeting with Sonia Gandhi for about an hour, the tension was clearly visible on his face. In a conversation with the media, he told that whatever happened in Rajasthan in the past, he has been pained. For that he has apologized to Sonia Gandhi. I could not get the High Command resolution passed. Gehlot said that what happened in Rajasthan in a way sent a message that as if I do not want to leave the chief minister’s post. Gehlot said that he will not contest for the post of president now. In a conversation with the media, he was seen crying out that he is a loyal soldier of Congress. Sonia Gandhi will also decide the CM.

Ever since the election of Congress President was announced, there has been a ruckus
Ever since the Congress has announced internal elections, everything seems to be not going well in the party. In the meeting of the Congress Working Committee itself, Anand Sharma demanded to make public the list of Congress delegates who cast their vote in the presidential election. Later, 4 MPs including Shashi Tharoor, Manish Tewari also demanded to make the voter list public. The issue was somehow handled by the high command. Tharoor hinted at contesting the elections. Meanwhile, Ashok Gehlot’s name cropped up for Congress President. Due to the hand of the Gandhi family on the head, his becoming the party chief was believed to be fixed. But there was a twist in the story again and a whirlwind started in Rajasthan where assembly elections are to be held next year.

Ashok Gehlot News: Apologized, expressed grief, out of the race for the post of President.. What will happen to Gehlot now?
The reason for the political storm within the Congress in Rajasthan is also the Presidential election.

Gehlot was getting the chair of Congress President. Such a chair on which after independence only 10 such leaders have been able to sit who did not belong to the Nehru-Gandhi family. But Gehlot’s heart did not lose his fascination with the Rajasthan CM’s chair. He also expressed his desire that he wants to take over the responsibility of the Speaker while being the Chief Minister. But after getting the green signal from the Gandhi family, he was ready to sacrifice his ‘pyari chair’ somehow. Then the exercise to find the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan started and with this a political whirlwind within the party arose in the state. Meanwhile, Tharoor has submitted his candidature for the post of Congress President by purchasing the papers.

Election or any thriller… Twist on twist, suspense on suspense
Congress Legislature Party meeting was called in Rajasthan on Sunday. Ajay Maken, general secretary in-charge of the party for the state from Delhi, and leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge were sent to Jaipur. The purpose of the meeting was to know the opinion of party MLAs regarding Gehlot’s successor. The resolution was to be passed that the legislators have authorized Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi to select the new chief minister. But then the twist. About 90 MLAs supporting Gehlot boycotted the meeting which was going to be held in the presence of central observers. In parallel, the MLAs of the Gehlot faction held a meeting at the house of cabinet minister Shanti Dhariwal. Bluntly said that Gehlot will remain his CM. If he resigns, his successor can neither be Sachin Pilot nor the MLAs who rebelled against him in 2020. Maken and Kharge, red with humiliation, while returning to Delhi criticized the “indiscipline” of the Gehlot faction. On the other hand, Shanti Dhariwal accused Maken of conspiracy against Gehlot. Then it felt that now the leaf of Ashok Gehlot has been cut for the post of President. But the twist was there. Central observers gave a clean chit to Gehlot in a written report submitted to Sonia Gandhi. Show cause notices were issued to three ministers supporting him – Shanti Dhariwal, Mahesh Joshi and Dharmendra Rathod for indiscipline.

Will the pilot win the lottery?
Gehlot’s arch rival Sachin Pilot has been camping in Delhi for three days. After Gehlot, now he is to meet Sonia Gandhi in the evening. Rahul Gandhi is on ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. Tharoor has bought the paper. Digvijay has hit the beat. Ashok Gehlot has announced to withdraw from the race. It is reported that he has also handed over an emotional letter to the Congress supremo. Still the twist remains. Suspense remains. Will Gehlot be able to convince Sonia Gandhi? Will you be able to save the CM’s chair now? Will the thread of trust that is cracking be reconnected? Will Sachin Pilot get the Rajasthan CM’s crown? The questions are many but the answers are missing at the moment. It remains to be seen how many twists, how many suspense emerge before the voting for the Congress President’s election on October 17.



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