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COP28: ‘This time, 400 crossed’, people raised slogans when PM Narendra Modi reached Dubai

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People raised slogans when PM Narendra Modi reached Dubai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Dubai to participate in COP i.e. Climate Change Conference, a special conference organized on Climate Chase. This is the 28th such conference, where many world leaders including PM Modi will participate in this meeting. Indians gave a warm welcome to PM Narendra Modi as soon as he reached Dubai. During this time people raised slogans of ‘Har Har Modi’ and during this everyone said, ‘This time we cross 400’. The Prime Minister expressed his enthusiasm for the summit. While sharing the post on X, he said, ‘I am very impressed by the warm welcome given by the people of the Indian community in Dubai. Their support and enthusiasm is a testament to our vibrant culture and strong relationships.

Modi-Modi slogans raised in Dubai

Let us tell you that before his visit, PM Modi mainly emphasized on supporting the developing countries in dealing with the issues of climate change. PM Modi stressed that the challenges faced by developing countries should be taken into consideration. He also emphasized on climate change and technology transfer. Let us tell you that as soon as PM Modi reached Dubai, he was given a warm welcome here. People of the Indian community were seen standing at the airport and outside with flags in their hands. During this, slogans of Modi-Modi were raised.

‘This time it crossed 400’

Slogans of ‘This time, cross 400’ were raised by some supporters. PM Narendra Modi has also shared some pictures of his meeting with people of the Indian community in Dubai. Let us tell you that in the COP28 meeting, tackling greenhouse gas emissions and climate change will be discussed at the global level. Big leaders of many countries of the world including PM Modi are going to attend this meeting. Let us tell you that PM Narendra Modi has always been vocal regarding the Global South. This is the reason why PM Modi also got African Union membership in G20.

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