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Corona Sero Survey: Those who did not get corona, they are the target, 400 million people are still in danger


  • 68 percent of the country’s population has been corona infected
  • ICMR’s sero survey revealed the matter
  • Dr. Samiran Panda said – everyone will have to get the vaccine

New Delhi
Recently, ICMR’s sero survey came, which revealed that 68 percent of India’s population has been infected with Kovid and about 400 million people are still in danger. Meanwhile, the dilemma of people regarding the vaccine is also being seen. Rahul Pandey spoke to Dr. Samiran Panda, Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, ICMR on all such issues.

When the second wave came, 80 percent of the infections across the country came from ten states. There were 19 states in which the infection did not spread, as was found in Delhi or Maharashtra. There is definitely a apprehension about the people who are in all these states. If there is a third wave, then there is fear, but there is also a risk.

Dr. Samiran Panda

Claims of third wave between August-December, but it is difficult to tell the future of Corona

  1. In the recent sero survey, 68 percent of the population has been said to be infected with Kovid. What is meant by this about the third wave? Will she be less dangerous than the second wave?
    Getting antibodies in 68 percent of the people means that 68 out of a hundred people have been infected, so antibodies were prepared. It may also happen that some people in that 68 percent have taken the vaccine, due to which antibodies are produced. The remaining 32 percent, so antibodies have not come in this 32 percent. They have not developed the ability to fight, because they have not been infected and have not been vaccinated. They are at risk of infection.
  2. Is there any way to identify who these 32 percent people could be?
    This is a very big country. Let’s look at it in different ways in mass base. When the second wave came, 80 percent of the infections across the country came from ten states. There were 19 states in the country in which the infection did not spread, as was found in Delhi or Maharashtra. So there is definitely a apprehension among the people who are in all these states. Here I would like to say two things. 32 percent i.e. about 40 crore people. These 400 million people do not have antibodies. They are spread over many states. So in a state where the second wave did not reach such a height, the infection did not spread that much, if there is a third wave, then there is fear, but there is also a risk. Care must be taken in these states.
  3. The third wave is being predicted in the country between August and December. Some experts have also raised questions on the models on the basis of which such estimates are being made.
    It is not a matter of prophecy. This is a modeling exercise. Suppose a lot of tourists left in the past days after the second wave in Himachal Pradesh. What we call the population density, where it suddenly increased, then there the chances of spreading the infection also increased. This is not prediction, it is science. The state where there was not much infection in the first or second wave, there is definitely a risk in that state.
  4. Recently it has also been reported that despite taking both doses of the vaccine, some people got infected with the delta variant. What can be done to prevent this difficulty?
    Right now the delta variant is spreading in the country, so for this also the same precautions will have to be taken, which are kept for corona. The vaccine for Kovid gives you the strength to fight the infection, but it does not prevent the infection. After you get vaccinated, if you get an infection it will not be serious. You won’t need to be admitted to the hospital, given oxygen or injections. But the infection can still happen to you, and can also spread from you to others. That’s why a mask should always be worn.
  5. In the second wave, some people repeatedly used an oximeter to see what the oxygen level was in the body. Similarly, it is seen that people are also getting their antibody level checked. Any advice for such people?
    The FDA of America, and our point is that after getting the vaccine, no one needs to get their antibodies tested. When vaccinated, there are two types of fighting ability in the body. One is antibody mediated immunity, which comes from vaccines, and one is cell mediated immunity, which the body develops. By not measuring these two, if you only measure antibodies and are troubled by its numbers, then it should not be done.
  6. There is also the dilemma of the cocktail vaccine. Get both the vaccines from the same company or from different companies?
    So far, no instruction has been issued for mix vaccination in our country, nor has any concrete evidence come out about it. My advice is not to think too much about it.
  7. They also say that those who have natural immunity do not need vaccines.
    This is also a wrong thing. We must believe that everyone has to get vaccinated. No one has the capacity to be guaranteed safe from covid. Science says that there is no such case that no one will have covid in this era of epidemic. That’s why everyone should be vaccinated.



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