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Corona virus-related deaths can be reduced by up to 90%, new study reveals measures

New Delhi. The danger of Covid Epidemic still remains and the situation is worrying in some countries of the world. In such a situation, a new study has revealed that compared to the first two doses, deaths related to corona virus can be reduced by 90% through the third booster dose. Even those who have health issues can be saved. The study has been conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Hong Kong and is published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

‘We found a significantly reduced risk of COVID-19-related death in adults with multimorbidity who received a homologous booster dose of BNT162b2, an mRNA vaccine, or CoronaVac, an inactivated whole-virus vaccine,’ said Esther Chan from the University of Hong Kong ‘ “These results support the effectiveness of booster doses of vaccines from two different technology platforms in reducing mortality among people with multimorbidity amid the Omicron pandemic,” Chan said.

People from different communities stay connected
Said Francisco Lai, author and a scientist at the University of Hong Kong, says that our findings suggest that at this time, large-scale public health measures have played an important role in reducing mortality in the middle of the epidemic. Especially it was studied among people of different communities. Study findings highlight potential benefits from booster vaccination, especially in vulnerable populations living with polyuria, and for future booster doses of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines beyond the first booster in older people and chronic conditions support the recent focus on people with

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