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Covid-19: Corona spreading rapidly in Delhi and these 3 states, government’s decision of mock drill on April 10-11


The cases of Kovid-19 infection increased very fast in India.
In two weeks, there was a 3.5 times increase in the cases of coronavirus infection.
Most of the cases are coming up in those states which were already registering high caseload.

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New Delhi.
The cases of Kovid-19 (Covid-19) infection are increasing very fast in India. In the latest government data, there has been a 3.5 times increase in the cases of Coronavirus infection in two weeks. Most of the cases are coming up in those states which were already registering high caseload. Four districts in Delhi, two each in Kerala and Maharashtra and one district in Gujarat have recorded the highest Weekly Test Positivity Rate (TPR). The Centre’s data shows that the number of districts with weekly TPR of 10 per cent or more has increased to 32 in 14 states and union territories.

According to a report, TPR was found to be 5 to 10 percent in the week of March 19-25 in 63 districts in 19 states/union territories. Only two weeks ago this figure was found in only 15 districts in 8 states. Delhi is among the areas recording the highest weekly TPR. South Delhi had a test positivity rate of 13.8 per cent, East Delhi 13.1 per cent, North-East Delhi 12.3 per cent and Central Delhi 10.4 per cent TPR. Other such districts include Wayanad (14.8%) and Kottayam (10.5%) in Kerala, Ahmedabad (10.7%) in Gujarat and Sangli (14.6%) and Pune (11.1%) in Maharashtra. Maharashtra’s TPR has increased from just 0.54 per cent in the week ending March 3 to 4.58 per cent on March 24.

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In view of the increasing cases of Corona, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan chaired a high-level meeting on Monday. He urged people to follow COVID-19 appropriate behavior at all times. Especially people with weak health were stressed on the need to apply booster dose of corona vaccine. Bhushan advised states to conduct mock drills in all health facilities on April 10 and 11 to ensure operational readiness of hospitals’ infrastructure including oxygen cylinders, PSA plants, ventilators, logistics and human resources.

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States were also urged to ensure availability of adequate beds and health personnel. States have been asked to increase community awareness about the disease and vaccination and regularly update COVID-19 data in the COVID India portal. According to the data updated on Monday by the Union Health Ministry, 1,805 new coronavirus cases were registered in India. While the active case has crossed the 10,000 mark after 134 days.

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