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CWC gave a sharp reaction on the suspension of 143 MPs, said – our only demand was this much

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Congress Working Committee issued resolution

Congress Working Committee meeting was organized in Delhi today. In this meeting, CWC strongly condemned the suspension of 143 MPs of INDIA alliance from both the Houses of Parliament. CWC issued a resolution in this regard. In this resolution, CWC wrote, ‘These MPs were only demanding that Home Minister Amit Shah give a statement on the dangerous incidents that took place in the Lok Sabha on 13 December 2023 and the role of the BJP MP from Mysore in getting the two accused admitted into the House, due to which There was a serious security lapse. The suspension of MPs was also done to ensure that the opposition was not present to challenge the Modi government. After massive suspension of MPs, three stringent criminal law bills are being passed.

Congress Working Committee issued resolution

CWC said, ‘This meeting expresses the determination to be fully prepared as soon as possible to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Both as a party and as a member of INDIA GROUP. we that determination

We also reiterate that the Indian National Congress will take all necessary steps to make the INDIA GROUP an effective shield and force against the BJP and its allies. This CWC meeting appreciates that preparations for the Lok Sabha elections have started. The ‘Hain Ready Hum’ rally to be organized in Nagpur on our foundation day exactly a week from now is a very important step in this regard. The Congress President is holding separate review meetings of the states, which is giving direction to the preparations.

There is a world of difference between the Prime Minister’s claims

Issuing the resolution, the CWC said that it welcomes the new campaign launched to strengthen the financial position of the party through wider public participation. Every CWC member will ensure that it continues to move forward. Economic inequalities are increasing, prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing and famine of jobs has become a heavy burden on the minds of the youth. There is a huge difference between the Prime Minister’s claims and the reality. The problem of social polarization is deepening and it is being deliberately encouraged in a dangerous manner for electoral gains.

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