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Cyber ​​Fraud: Cyber ​​fraud in the name of booking in the resort, has been duped of lakhs

Mumbai Cyber ​​Fraud: These days cyber fraud has become a headache for the common people. In one case, cyber fraud has posted its mobile number on Google in the page of a resort in Mumbai. When people call on that number, they take advance online for booking gym, room, swimming pool or hall. When the customer reaches the hotel, it is found that there is no booking in that hotel. When ABP News also talked to the cyber thug’s mobile number, the thug also asked the correspondent for an advance online payment of Rs 10,000.

Mostly whenever one has to go to a hotel or resort, the information of that place is seen on the mobile. Booking is done by calling on the given mobile number or through online if you like the hotel or resort. A cyber thug took advantage of this and has paid lakhs of rupees to those booking in the resort.

Fraud being done like this

The matter is of Green Village Resort located in Malad area of ​​Mumbai. Booking is done for picnic, meeting, wedding or any social event in this resort. The resort also has swimming pool, rooms, gym, play area. All this information is available on Google. In the cyber thug, posted his mobile number in the information of this Google. Now whenever someone calls for booking a picnic, room booking, wedding ceremony at the resort, the cyber thug picks up the phone and takes the booking posing as the sales manager of the resort. Asks to submit advance online. The customer makes an online booking on the given number or account number. More than 20 such customers have become victims of online fraud.

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Lime to many people

When the person making the online booking reaches the resort, it is found that no such booking has taken place. The resort has also become troubled by this. Cyber ​​fraud was continuing its fraud even after complaining to Google to Mumbai Police. Resort manager Yashpal Rana said, “This cyber fraud is going on for the last one month. More than 20 people have come to the resort, who say that they have paid for room booking, party hall booking. Took up to 80 thousand rupees of many customers.

Complaint was made to Mumbai Police and mail has been written to remove the number from Google. The hotel staff and the police themselves have also called this thug and said that he is a liar. An FIR has also been registered regarding the matter, but even now that page is also there on Google and it is also cheating in the name of booking.

exposed the fraud

ABP News correspondent Mrityunjay Singh called the cyber thug’s mobile number as a customer. Mrityunjay asked information about booking a party hall for an event and how to pay the money. When the cyber fraudster asked for hall booking and money information, the cyber thug started asking for 10 thousand rupees advance online money. Even said to give 30 percent discount on credit card payment.

As soon as Mrityunjay revealed his true identity that he is an ABP News reporter and asked why he was choosing people by becoming the manager of the resort, the tone of cyber fraud changed and started challenging the Mumbai Police to catch him. At present, Mumbai Police has registered three FIRs against cyber fraud. The mobile number of this fraud is still present on Google and this thug is continuously making people the victim of their fraud.

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