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Dagna malpractice: superstition took the lives of children, terrible conditions in tribal villages, what does the ground report say

Shahdol. In tribal dominated areas of Madhya Pradesh dagna malpractice has strengthened its roots. Many regarding Dagna at the ground level social evils Are. This is very inhuman. In this even the death of children happens. There are different beliefs in different areas. The situation has gone so far that apart from the newborns, the elders also burn themselves with hot iron, black bangles and neem stalks even today. They claim that the suffering of their body goes away from it. To investigate this social evil, the team of News 18 reached the affected villages, where two innocent people had died due to burning. In the investigation, the shocking ground reality related to the Dagna malpractice came to the fore.

The evil practice of branding newborns in tribal areas is decades old. When newborns get pneumonia or double pneumonia during cold, then they have difficulty in breathing. On complaints of abdominal pain, diarrhea, family members resort to this evil practice to cure newborns. People believe that this disease of their children will be cured by staining. When the newborn has difficulty in breathing or due to diarrhea, the veins of his stomach are visible outside, then those same veins are stained with hot iron nail, black bangle or neem or bamboo stalk. This work is done by the women of a particular community living in the village. These women are given the responsibility of spotting the newborns apart from massaging them. There is also a practice of getting away from black bangles.

Two innocent people died due to Dagna
There is an atmosphere of panic in the affected villages after the death of 2 innocent people due to Dagna malpractice. The perpetrators and instigators of rioting are running around the police and administration every day. Dust is blowing on the roads due to the visits of administrative officials in the village throughout the day. The villagers keep an eye on every person coming from outside. As soon as they are asked any question or information about the Dagna malpractice, everyone’s only one answer comes out. Sir, we have no information about this. The family members of the innocent who died are giving proof of their innocence by going round and round Shahdol. The great-grandmother is sitting alone in the house waiting for the children to come back.

Administration trying to make people aware
Even today, great faith is being seen among the elders regarding the Dagna evil practice. To make them aware, the administration may have organized a rally in the village and written slogans on the walls, but it is a big challenge to get out the belief that is sitting in their mind. The elders of the village say that apart from newborns, for the treatment of any pain in their body, joint pain and other diseases, the most accurate treatment they have is to burn. For this reason, they get them stained. Even today there are many elders in the villages whose bodies are showing signs of burning. Matthi Chowdhary, who lives in Samatpur, showing her knee, says that there was a lot of pain in the knee. He visited the hospital a lot but the pain did not get cured. In the end, he himself stained the knee of his leg with a hot black bangle. Even today the marks of the scars are showing their wounds.

Administration’s awareness campaign is not having any effect
Phoolbai, who lives in Samatpur, showing the marks on her stomach, said that when I was young, my family members had betrayed me when I was ill. After visiting the affected villages, it came to light that no effect of the district administration’s awareness campaign is being seen among them. There is definitely panic due to the police after the death, but the faith of the tribal community towards Dagna is still intact.

In five years, about 4 thousand children became victims of malpractice.
The situation is so dire that if we look at the condition of Shahdol, Umaria and Anuppur in three districts of Shahdol division, in the last 5 years, about 4 thousand children from all the three districts have become victims of Dagna malpractice. Out of these, about 2 dozen children have even lost their lives. Despite this, this evil practice is not taking the name of stopping. The district administration, while completing the formalities, tries to run an awareness campaign or orders to implement section 144. It is the duty of women and child development or the field staff of the health department to take care of the newborns, apart from getting them vaccinated on time, they also make arrangements for nutritious food. Even after the deployment of government employees, the Dagna malpractice is still in practice.

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