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Darbhanga: 400 acres of land given to set up a company for the sake of a bright future, now people are wandering on the road

Darbhanga. Greed for a bright future in Hayaghat block of Darbhanga district of Bihar, farmers gave hundreds of acres of their land for the establishment of Ashok Paper Mill. The farmers here were hopeful that when companies would be set up in their area, employment would be available to the local people. Along with this, the area will also develop. But now they are cursing themselves that their lands have been lost, but they have not been given compensation.

Locals Siteshwar Yadav and Mantu Yadav tell that our father gave his land to this company, in the hope that employment would be available here. At that time, a person from his family was given a job in this company whose land was lost. But this could not last long and the company was suddenly closed. We lost our land and lost our employment. Despite having so much land, we have to go to other places and earn money, then the family runs.

At the same time, local elder Ramashray Yadav told that his two and a half acres of land has also gone to this company. We used to work as plumbers in this company. I have not been able to get even my wages.

Lalu Yadav had once said – will get the mill started

The local farmers and landowners here have expectations from the government regarding this. He says that when former Chief Minister Lalu Yadav came here to address a meeting, he had said that he would get this company started. This has raised a ray of hope among the people here that now that their coalition government is in Bihar, then this company should be started. There are many people whose lands have also been lost and they have not received their wages. Today they are yearning for money. Are forced to migrate to another state for employment.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 31, 2023, 19:07 IST

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