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Darbhanga: Ambulance not found in DMCH for 90% burnt 4-year-old, helpless father asked, got this answer

Report : Abhinav Kumar

Darbhanga. The Bihar government makes lakhs of claims about the health system being on track, but the reality is very shocking. A small life is in trouble in Darbhanga DMCH, the largest hospital in North Bihar. Actually the child was 90 percent burnt. He reaches DMCH for treatment. After this the hospital management refers him, but the ambulance is not available. The reason given was that there was no oil in the ambulance. After this, the family stumbling from rate to rate, but no one was ready to give any support.

Dorit Mukhiya, resident of Kamalpur village of Biraul block area, comes to Darbhanga DMCH hospital to get his child treated. He says that my child got burnt while cooking food last evening. After this I took him to Biraul Hospital, but from there he was referred to Darbhanga DMCH Hospital. There was some kind of treatment in DMCH overnight and was referred to PMCH here the next day. We are poor and unable to take the child to Patna. We called the government’s ambulance service 102 for help, but the call did not go through. After this went to the staff room and questioned the ambulance personnel, then it was told that we do not have oil in the ambulance. If we get oil then we will not go.

DMCH superintendent said this
Darbhanga DMCH Superintendent Dr. Harishankar Mishra told News 18 Local that the ambulance service is outsourced. This service is provided by the State Health Committee and its control is with the District Health Committee. The number of ambulances is also less and we have no control over its operation. This is out of control. This problem always persists. With this, he said that when such a thing happens, it is said by the ambulance personnel that there is never oil, then there is never a driver. We have complained about this to the State Health Committee many times, but no action has been taken on the agency so far.

The government will pay attention only then the ambulance will run
Ambulance driver Shidesh Kumar Yadav says that a new government has just been formed. The government has contracted the agency. The government will pay attention to the agency, only then the agency will work. Let us inform that at present an agency named PDPL and Samman Foundation is operating Ambulance 102.

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